Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Crying Imani


I'm sorry for this long silent. Well, I don't have to give a reason for this silent, it just needed sometime. Kan? 

Since I went away for 2 weeks in a row for working demand, Imani has changes her habits. She likes to cry and cry every time I did ignore her for a valid reason. Or she will just cry out her lung, sulking for hours because I was late to come and cuddle her when she woke up from sleep. The reason I was late was I was wearing my tudung. 

I have no idea what should I do. I tried to recite as many surahs and zikir that I remember. We open up youtube and recite Al-Baqarah or Yassin together..But Imani is still crying and crying. Menangis yang bukan main-main. tersedu sedu dengan volume yang sangat kuat. 

She just wanted me to be near to her, but not too close to held her. She wants her own space untuk berguling bergolek melepaskan rasa geram or any perasaan terpendam dalam hati dia.. But if I move an inch from her, she will started crying louder. Even if ayah dia nak tolong replace my place while I'm going to the loo or to perform my solah, she will increase her volume. She can go on crying sampai dekat 2 jam, sebelum tertidur sebab penat. 

Last night, I tried to be calm when she started crying because I tidy up her books. It took about more than 1 hour untuk dia settle down. Ada masa I need to pee, so, I let her cry kuat2 depan pintu toilet. Because she just didn't want her dad to hold her.... 

Kesian sangat bila tengok dia menangis macam tu, but feel helpless sebab I tak tahu macam mana nak settle down kan dia daripada menangis.. Lastly, kitaorg decide carry her in her baby carrier. Finally baru dia stop menangis dah peluk I kuat2, then she falls asleep. 

My poor baby, sebab tak pernah berenggang dengan umi, bila sekali kena tinggal, kesan kena tinggal tu dalam betul. Dia pendam2 dalam hati, nak luahkan dengan perkataan belum pandai, nak menulis belum reti, jadi menangis dan merajuk aje solution nya... 

+ mogok tak nak makan...

Please please Imani kena get used now umi dah kerja, ada masa umi kena work after hours or outside from our zone, so Imani kena stay dengan ayah or dengan mak tok or dengan nenek.... I hope you will soon get used to this situation.  

I love you sayang Imani. .. and I love your brother too!

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  1. budak kalau trauma mmg macam tu. macam bila dorang kena warded... doktor cucuk2... lepas tu, mesti dorang akan trauma...


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