Tuesday, March 1, 2016

20weeks inside and weird cravings

We are now on our 20th weeks on this pregnancy. Tak ada words lain boleh describe, but Alhamdulillah. 

I've started feeling my baby's movement on the 18th week. Was worried a bit since I felt Ilyaas' at week 17 and Imani's at week 15 going 16. It's ok, setiap anak mesti berbeza-beza but I'm sure this little fella inside, gonna be as active as the brother and sister. 

We knew the gender since week 16 lagi. After all, I can guest since the beginning based on my alahan, trend pregnancy compared to my previous two. I was lucky to have a boy and a girl before this, so I can easily detect this one is a boy or a girl. Nanti la kita share gender baby ok, now let's stay surprise! 

I've gained around 4 kg throughout this 5 months pregnancy. I used to checked up at klinik kesihatan but since turning into 5 months already, both husband and me decided to just check up at the hospital that we plan to deliver this baby. Since I've went through two previous emergency cesarean, so, this 3rd one definitely kena cesarean jugak la. I don't mind actually, biarlah apa orang nak cakap, this is my bahagian and I am more than lucky Allah pinjamkan my rahim to deliver these beautiful babies to the Earth. 

So we went for check up last week with InsyaAllah the doctor who is going to operate me. 
My baby's weight is 340g and the size is equivalent to 19-21weeks. Also listen to the heart beat. 
Alhamdulillah everything looks ok. 
The doctor also scheduled a detail scan in another two weeks time.

By the way, throughout this pregnancy I have a weird craving. Which is to go back to places where I had stayed for sometime before this. 
One of them is definitely Perth. and I miss all the food in Perth. 
I feel very sensitive bila ada orang dpt pergi Perth while I can't afford it yet:D

Lepas tu my husband dapat work attachment in Kuching for few days, I feel like following him, coz I can eat mee kolok in Kuching. I used to stay in Sarawak for a year so maybe that's the reason. 

Apart from that, craving for food semua tu tak ada sangat la. My food craving is food yg ada kat Perth and Sarawak je. Payah betul. 

Kulit muka I pun jadi kering and mengelupas. I've tried to change the facial wash, tak berapa nak menjadi. So, I used banana soap mcm tradisional way, so far berkesan la jugak. I regularly spray thermal water if rasa muka kering. 

I easily feel tired but approaching 5 months ni, rasa a bit fresh. But kalau overwork, still malam cepat ngantuk, then feel a bit dizzy.. Perut pon dh nampak but lots of people say perut kecik. It's ok la, I am tall, so my perut rarely seen until about 7m. 

Okla, just a journal note down for future reference.=) 

*will need to update list barang baby*


  1. bahayanya u punya craving! haha...best pulak tengok org pregnant lagi :p

  2. ambe punya porot sampai sudah orang kata kecik tapi zaheen memang kecik pon 3 kilo je.


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