Thursday, March 1, 2018

The IHs and my 31st birthday

Assalamualaikum my dear blog,

I miss writing to you. It has been some time since I really wrote properly. 
2018 has been very good so far. For family and for my career. 

My eldest has been schooling in primary school. Nearby our house.
He had been appointed as Ketua Kelas.
And he is now wearing a pair of spectacle, just like me and his father. But I think he follows his father more than me because the father wore spectacles since Standard 2.

My second has changed to new kindy, get some dramatic sessions at the new kindy and I decided to take her out from that kindy and move her back to the previous years' kindy. 
She is in good hands now, at least that's what my husband and I feel. She also has Stage 2 tonsilitis. We had been seeing E&T specialist and the doctor said as for now, we had to monitor her very closely. If she experiences fever more than 4-6 times a year, we need to consider for the operation to remove the tonsil.

My youngest has been so cheeky that every day he will pinch my face and kiss me to show that he misses me for the day that he had to stay at the babysitter. He can pronounce some words already like Mama, Babah, Nak, Dah, Tanak, Yayah, Abang, Kakak.. He lost some weight though, I think he has been very active and cheerful. Also dah pandai merajuk and memilih what to eat or to wear and what not to. He can climb the stairs by himself now, but that always gives me a little heart attack. I realize that I write very little about Iyaadh for last year. I will try to write more frequent bout him, since the abang and the kakak got lots of blog entry for themselves. It's just 3rd child syndrome and umi doesn't have enough time.

May Allah Swt always protect them from any kecelakaan and kemungkaraan

Well, I had turned 31 in early February and I received multiple surprise celebration. 
Started by my husband who bought me a surprise birthday present. Sembonia handbag that comes with 3-in-1 package. I love it. The big handbag is so formal and big. It can fit my xps dell laptop, so it is good for my daily usage to classes and for formal meetings. The second bag is my type. A sling bag, with the same pattern as the formal one. Just I prefer this one more than the first one because  I can use it for casual daily usage as well as for traveling. The third bag is a pencil case, with the same pattern of the first and the second handbag. I never use the pencil case yet. I am waiting for the perfect time to use it, perhaps when I am starting my doctorate study sooner, Insya Allah.

us at UTP new coffee cafe-Tepee.that has become our fav lepak time wherever we have time for some coffee together.

The day before my birthday, my research students made a surprise celebration again, by coming over to my office with some unrealistic dramas and end up with cake cutting ceremony in my office. Thanks guys. I appreciate it very much.

nabilah, my MSc student who did the surprise together with her other friends.

About two weeks later when I went back to Terengganu for CNY holiday, my sister in law who got married to my brother Imran, made another long-distance surprise where she requested her friends to help her buy some cake, balloons and choc bouquet to be delivered to my in laws house. Thanks so much Yana and Imran. That really made my day and I was very very surprised.

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