Monday, June 8, 2009

kerja oh kerja

no updates..
too tired to type..
but here are few pictures of me in the office..

KL Tower view from pantry..(ps: office is at level 56)..picture was taken at 6.45pm
View of Menara AM Bank

Saya ber background ke KL101ws..(my workstation)..
tgh buat velocity picking ni..heheh..
for info : dkt screen tu..from left to right :- Semblance- Gathers-Stack


  1. hee.. keje.. di level tinggi 56..
    waaa.. cannot wait to work.. tp cuak plak kalau2 bosan.. huhu.. harus bagaimane?

  2. bosan??? oh tidak...
    kamu xkan sempat bosan dear..keja akan sntiasa banyak skg kena enjoy betul2 studi life !


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