Sunday, June 28, 2009

~places i wanna go before i die~

first of all, diz feeling has been with me for so long..and since i browse through hannan and faire facebook photo albums, where they went to dubai, abu dhabi, newcastle, europe, france and lots mind and heart can;t bear anymore..i must make a list places i want to go before i die..

1 : Mecca @ Mekah
2 : Madinah al Munawwarah
3 : Jordan (nak pegi laut mati)
4 : London
5 : Paris
6 : Italy (wanna visit Pisa Tower)
[ps: this is another masterpiece in geology though it is part of failness of geologist@hyrdrogeologist, its still wonders me]
7 : Kota Kinabalu (Mount Kinabalu)
8 : Dubai and Abu Dhabi
9: Mount Alps, Canada etc (based on my so called research on geodynamic of how does it form and its overturned after the formation, MashaAllah)
10: India (nak pegi Taj Mahal)
11: Beijing (Great wall of China)
12: Nepal (nak gi Mount Everest)
[ps: I am really faccinated with Mount Everest since I did learn how it forms..which was by collision btw India and Asia based on few geological theories, is a masterpiece! ]

13: New Zealand (Southern Island!)
14: Pulau Sipadan

::: this list will be added from time to time..sbb sy sgt suke travel.itu yg membuatkan mak sy risau dgn anak perempuan tunggalnya ini:P :::

:::turutan dlm list ni tidak bermakna sy nak pegi tpt yg dicatatkan awal terlebih dahulu (kecuali yg 3 terawal Mekah, Madinah dan Jordan):::

:::kalau boleh skrg juga sy nak ikut trip to Everest or Alps.itu priority sy sekrg, tp tak tahu layak atau tidak..sbb sy lemah geodynamic:::


  1. Kinabalu i dh naik! best..Everest cam best tapi kne tggu i fit balik oke! ;p

    Ermm..i pon tringin nak gi Alps! Nanti cite kat I history die yer...


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