Wednesday, June 24, 2009

looking. forward..

Salam all,

Wanna share so called happy + good news I received few days back. This news might be a happy news for me but not for my mum. She is the one who's hoping this news is not true at all. but I know in the end she will always give her blessed to me=)

Ok, first of all, after 2months + working in CGGVeritas Services (M) Sdn Bhd based in KLCC, I am actually still a total stupido. There are really2 lots of things and knowledge I must know and applied in my daily working days. Seriously, stress is always there but I learn how to manage it. yesterday my senior went for a course, so I was asked to take responsible on the velocity analysis and deal directly with the Manager. It is my first experience working directly under him. I guest we both managed to cope well between each other, at least on my side :p

though I did a mistake by overwritting some data, but it was still a learning step for me. I must remember to QDECK the master job before tango-ing it..hehe (sory for the terms)

ok-ok, back to the title...the news=)

1 : I will be having a 3months training called as GoeRise. This is a complementary training for fresh grad without any experience working in this field. This training will be done in three places either in Houstan, Paris or Singapore. Luckily or unluckily, my training will be in Singapore. Training in Houstan was done last February while in Paris had started early June. I said it is lucky since InsyaAllah I can come back to Penang from Singapore easily for Raya Holiday..And at least I can save my allowance money from shopping comparing if I get the chance to go to Paris or Houstan. But it is unlucky since if I get Paris or Houstan, then I can go around the places for sight seeing and 'memenuhkan' cop di dalam pasport...:D

Apepun, sy sagt2 bersyukur..and really looking forward for this..

2 : Second news is my field assignment during the GeoRise training will be held in United States of America...!!! Alhamdulillah, I've get the chance to finally arrive in States, InsyaALLAH. I am currently in the process applying the States Visa. I will have interview with the embassy next Tuesday. The field trip will be done either in North Dakota, New York, Lousiana or Pensylvania... I don't mind where I'll be send but I really hope that I can avoid H1N1 virus..heheh..
And I'll stay in States for 3weeks...Alhamdulillah. looking forward sgt2 for this one!!!!

ok, for now.. really need to focus on velocity analysis since we've figured out that in our current project faster velocity will give better structure seen in the seismic especially after the tertiary basement of carbonate rocks.

ps: pray that I will do well and can pleased the embassy during the interview so I'll get 10years visa to enter states anytime..hehehe..


  1. wah3..tak sabar nak berjalan2 yer..
    bestnye u..mude2 dpt jlan2 mkan angin sambil keje..huhu..
    wish all the best sis!


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