Monday, October 8, 2012

Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia

I went to Pinnacles Desert with my housemates back in 2008. So all the pictures are back-dated for 4 years now. But I believe, the pinnacles and the rest of it still looks the same. Except for myself, who looks double the size now.

Located in Nambung National Park
2 hours drive to southern Perth
Berlatar belakangkan pinnacles desert
Ok. sila jgn compare kekurusan saya pada masa itu dgn zaman skrg. Masa ni less than 50 kot.
Roughly about the pinnacles desert:-
Pinnacles ni rise up from the ground. and it was made off sea shell and form as limestone (carbonate rock). It forms in pillars and the height can reach up to 3m on the surface. Some of the pinnacles even form a limestone outcrop with very clear distinguish bedding showing the direction of the wind.

The weather was very nice and clear and also windy. It was a little bit cold actually.
saujana mata memandang. cantik dan indah

one of the highest and biggest pinnacles that rise out from the ground
*me as the scale*

Here in Nambung National Park, you can either wander around by yourself (not advisable) or with a group to have your on peace of mind tour. Apart from that, can also hire somebody to drive a 4WD and be your tour guide. There are various tourist agents that offer this service. This service will give you more information and make your trip educational.

Pinnacles Attractions

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