Sunday, October 7, 2012

Playtime at Kidszoona

Yesterday, we let Ilyaas play-all-he-can at Kidszoona, located on the first floor of Aeon Station 18, Ipoh. I always wanted to sent Ilyaas to some playgroup like ALIMkids Playgroup or Ibu Playgroup. But I have some limitation as I'm not living in KL plus those playgroups are expensive. 
When Ilyaas was 10months plus, I bring him to StarzGarden in Sogo for his first experience playing in a big indoor playground. So, at 18months old now, I tried to bring him to another indoor playground. 
Here are our review for Kidszoona.

Location: First floor, Aeon Shopping Center, Station 18. Next to the escalator, next to Daiso Japanese Shop. 
Entry Fee: RM15 per kid on weekend/public holiday or RM10 per kid during weekdays for unlimited entries per day. (one-two guidance are allowed to be with the kid)

the registration counter. 

*The rules* and some of the activities available during weekend

Some of the areas provided. I did not snap few more areas since Ilyaas tak pergi main pun.
-Reading and Educational Area-
-Rolling Balls , ada 2-
-Construction Site-
-Supermarket/Food Court Area-
Not in pictures are areas yg ada transportation yg bergerak sambil keluar sound nino nino,
gelungsur from baloon and few more

For the first time entering the playzone, Ilyaas was very very tight to this little tikes car.
Tak mau turun langsung. He played with the car for nearly 30-40minutes.
Stop pon because umi already paksa him to play with something else. 

playing with the balls, lego, giant piono and touch n sound mirror
*tgk gambar main lego tu, he was actually eyeing on the car yg dia tinggalkan dkt luar kawasan lego tu*
kawasan balls yg banyak tu next to something more adventure.maybe suitable untuk kids 4 yrs and above

*trying another ride*
*playing with some educational toy*
*main masak-masak, nak jadi master chef*
*play as a cashier supermarket*siap ada orang dtg beli lagi*so cute*

We were there from 11.10am and played for one hour. It was my turn to be the guidance while hubby is reading newspaper on the bench in front of Kidszoona. Then, we went out for lunch and come back around 1 pm. Let hubby guide Ilyaas in Kidszoona until two while I did some grocery shopping and window shopping in Daiso=)
You can come and go at anytime for the whole day with only RM10 or RM15 per kid, provided you did not take out the tag by Kidzoona.

Well, actually they also provide sofa for parents to relax in the playground.

Few things they can improve are (in my opinion):-
- Can add sink/washing area so that the kids can wash their hands before and after playing-
- Probably add changing room/nursery room for breastfeeding mother-
-TV room for the kids to watch cartoons, educational movies etc-
-Sell some healthy snacks since some children don't want to go out even it's lunch time, so at least they can eat something healthy while playing-

OK, that is all review I have.
Last but not least, Ilyaas was kepenatan, masuk je kereta, make him some milk, and he terus zzzzzzz

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