Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thank You 2014


It's the final day of 2014. Hari terakhir ni rasa, alamak, dah nak tua dah nex year. 

Honestly, nak rasa happy sangat dengan 2014, I think I should. Sebab banyak perkara baik-baik terjadi pada diri I and my family. But on the sad side, our country had underwent not a smooth and steady years. With two Malaysian Airlines flight went missing and been shot down. And the latest Air Asia flight was missing and crash in the middle of Java Sea. With major massive flood in the East Coast at the moment. Things happened dengan kehendak dan kekuasaanNYA. 

2014 yang tinggal sisa-sisa beberapa jam sahaja lagi, saya rasa bersyukur ke hadrat Allah SWT. Banyak impian saya tercapai. 

Pada awal tahun 2014, I sangat was-was, sama ada I dapat atau tak penuhi impian2 I untuk tahun 2014 ni. Menyebabkan I publish entry ni . Without mentioning apa impian I, I teruskan life as usual pada tahun 2014.

Suddenly, masa bulan Jan 14, I rasa my MSc dah sampai klimaks. I have to stop and start writing my thesis. My sv went back to France. I kena tukar sv sekali lagi. I tekadkan hati, whatever happens, I kena start writing thesis. So, January I mula writing. At the same time, sv yg dekat France check chapter yang dah siap. By May 14, cita-cita/keinginan I nak follow husband ke Holland tercapai. Kitaorg stay dekat Holland for one and half month. Masa ni I gunakan masa untuk final tune my thesis. and my husband verified his results and started writing. being a super husband, he managed to finish writing his thesis dalam masa sebulan setengah tu je. So proud of him. 

Then, balik Malaysia, we submitted our soft bound thesis. Waited for a month, then we did our viva. Viva kami selang sehari je. Both of us pass with only minor corrections. Alhamdulillah, syukur tak terhingga. About two months after that, we managed to attend the convocation ceremony bersama-sama lagi. 
I called it our celebration day. In fact, we are celebrating our kids and parents too. 

Along the way of presenting our viva, correcting our thesis and submitting our hard bound thesis, we managed to get a good deal for our future house. Secured a loan too. 

October, a week before our convocation day, we went to Bali to present our research. Alhamdulillah. We had always wanted to go to Bali and the dreams come true bila our papers accepted for international conference. Glad we had a quick get away in Bali.

After came back from Bali, we reported duty with new jobs responsibilities awaiting for us. 

December, we managed to pay deposit for our house. Alhamdulillah. 
Overall, this year has been totally a great and awesome years for me, my husband and my kids. 

However, we felt sad and sympathy for those unwanted events that happened to our country. 
May Allah SWT bless our country and always protect us from any sins and wrong doings. 

Semoga 2015 memberi lebih manfaat kepada kita semua. 

Selamat Tahun Baru 2015. 


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