Thursday, October 6, 2016

Iyaadh Hafiy, the first 3 months

Sorry Iyaadh sayang, umi have not update anything about you yet. 
Umi promises will update more frequent lepas ni. 
Your milestone needs to be recorded in this dear blog of mine, sama mcm abang dan kakak jugak. 

Ok let's have an overview of my little Iyaadh Hafiy. 

Ok nama diberi as mentioned above. Bermaksud, Sokongan yang mulia. 
He is indeed the ultimate support system our family is needed. 
Lepas ayah dia register PhD, I confirm pregantkan Iyaadh.
and Iyaadh lahir almost a year after ayahnya bergelar student PhD at the same time still working. 
So, we decided that he is his daddy's supporter through out daddy's PhD journey, perhaps umi's too. 
That is how you got your name Iyaadh sayang. 

He was delivered through Emergency Operation, sama macam abang kakaknya jugak. 
Just that, everything sgt cepat dan mudah masa proses melahirkan Iyaadh. 
Cuma, pain after operation tu beyond my words la. 
It makes me rasa x mau bersalin lagi lepas ni. 
Only within a month later, I changed my mind, to add another kid lepas Iyaadh dah besar nanti.
Hahhaha, cannot resist the cuteness of newborn. 
Feels like eating them! Lol. 

We had our pantang in Bukit Mertajam for about a month before we come back to our mansion in Seri Iskandar. 

So, you were about a month when you first travel. No problem at all. 
Tidur all the way. Easy peasy baby.

Iyaadh at one month plus. 
He likes to make that pout lips. 

Few more days before finishing our confinement period 

Already cukur rambut on Day 21. 
And the rambut maintain like that until today. 
Poor baby, kepala masih botak. 
My kids mmg lambat tumbuh rambut. 
But its ok, baby botak is comel. 
Just like you sayang. 

He actually gained 10cm within a month.
and weighted 3.7kg at one month old. 

Day 44. 
Well, we finished our confinement period successfully. 

At day 47, we traveled to KL and Terengganu. 

At 2 months old, Iyaadh was already 61 cm long and weighted 5.4kg. 
What a milestone! Sedap kan susu umi. 

Alhamdulillah, I managed to still breastfeed him from the first day until now. 
What is special about Iyaadh is, I got bonding time with him right after operation. 
Which i did not get while I delivered Ilyaas and Imani since I was already in long labour for the elder two. So the babies (elder two) need special attention from specialist once the were out of me. But Iyaadh is different because the delivery process was fast and I don't feel much pain like before. 

Iyaadh, during his first month, rarely senyum rarely response to anything. 
Which makes me a little worried. 
But when he turns to 2months old, he already responding to my voice, and everything around him. Alhamdulillah. 

At 3 months old, he is now more cheeky. Cannot letak at all,. Nk berdukung. Dukung pon tak nak dukung baring, nak yg duduk where he can see surrounding. 

Cannot listen to my voice  if I am not picking him up. 

Cry loudly for milk. 

Drink a lot if he is with me. But only 9 oz from 8am to 6pm daily. 

Anyhow, he gained weight at 3m .. Now he is 6.25kg with still same height, 61 cm. 

Faces of my Iyaadh Hafiy...

At 3 months old

Air liur meleleh bagaikan tiada sempadan. 
Rambut umi mula gugur nak...
pasrah je la.

With abang Ilyaas and Kakak Imani...

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  1. bestnya tgk gmbr baby.. kitorg pun sume "photobook"kan skrg.. bole la belek2 blk zaman2 baby botak xde rambut, blom pandai jalan.. air liur menceces.. haha..


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