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Reasons not to carry your baby facing out

Assalamualaikum and Hi All Mummies + Daddies, 

I have come across this very informative articles on the web. I think it might give us some clarification why Asian Style Baby Carriers do not promote forward facing carrying. Well, in general, I don't think any parents who hold their little one are doing something bad. So. let's read and understand the details in this article by Elizabeth, the author.

Recently Catherine Fowler of Australia made a comment that parents who face their babies out are “cruel and selfish“.  Actually for the record she said they were “inadvertantly cruel”.  I am not here to judge you ladies and gentleman; a walk around the block with your baby in the forward facing position will probably not reek havoc on your child’s development or health.  I don’t think any parent holding their little ones are cruel.  Carrying your baby facing forward is not the best option.  It’s not “cruel”, but it’s not ideal either.  Embracing your baby, or having them embrace you (like when you’re backin’ the baby) is what your baby is adapted to do and quite naturally the way to go. But when you start to weigh in on whether your baby should maybe change perspectives and face the world head on or not, here are some reasons not to let your baby face out, for your consideration- of course.

Carrying your baby facing out…

1.  Does not support your baby’s legs-
Your baby’s legs should be pulled up to at least hip level if not higher. This is possible only if the fabric covers the whole back of the thigh, to the backside of the knee, or if the carrier has footstraps.  When your baby is facing forwards with legs unsupported, it isn’t that his legs are simply dangling,  his hips and spine are unsupported to and there is simply nowhere for baby to sit.

2.  Makes it tough for the wearer to carry the baby-
It’s much harder to carry something that curves away from your body than something that embraces your body. The wearer has an awkward load and often ends up arching her back to compensate.  Babies bodies are naturally adapted to being carried facing you.

3.  Places undue pressure on groin and may chaff the inner thighs of your baby-
Chaffing is no fun.  Being suspended by your baby’s most sensitive parts is not ideal, especially for little boys.

4. May overstimulate your baby-
Baby’s can face their parents and still experience the world around them and take it in at their own pace.  It is very easy for a small infant to become overwhelmed.

5.  Doesn’t support the head or the neck-
Positional asphyxia is possible when babies have no neck control and their chin falls toward their chests.  Little babies should never be placed in a position that can compromise their airways.  The US Consumer Products Safety Commission recently passed a law that the warning labels of forward facing carriers must state that babies should not face out until adequate head/neck control is acheived. The law does not extend to sleeping infants even though they don’t have control of their necks and supported heads while snoozing.

6.  Makes thermoregulation more difficult-
The flexed position a baby assumes on his mother’s chest is more efficient at conserving heat than chest exposed (kangaroo care thermoregulation benefit).  The baby also has more fat cells (insulation) on its back side than front.

7. Makes it harder to respond to baby’s cues-
With no eye contact it is harder to communicate with your baby, check their airways, see their spit up, see them rooting, and know their needs.

8.  Throws off the baby’s center of gravity-  Most often the wearer will intuitively stick out her pointer fingers for the baby to grab on to and stabilize himself or the wearer will try to support baby’s legs by lifting them up in the front. With no seat and nothing to grab on to in front of him it is tough for baby not to arch his back under the weight of his own body.

9.  May not be so wonderful on your back either-
Carrying a load with an arched spine will give you an aching lower back.


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