Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tips and Tricks: Compromising between Bottle Feeding (at Babysitter's) & Direct Feeding (At home)

Alhamdulillah, Ilyaas is already 6 months and 7 days old today! And he is now sleeping next to me.  I have also been breastfeeding him since then. And today I would like to share some tips about compromising between bottle feeding at babysitter's and direct feeding at home. It's not that easy for your baby to have instant changes between  bottle feeding and direct feeding from the breast. Banyak perkara memainkan peranan.

I started Ilyaas with bottle feeding when he is about 3-4 weeks old. I trained him slowly by the help of my husband and my mum, plus my dad and my little brother too. (See, it needs help from lots of parties). I firstly used Medela Bottle and Teat size S to bottle feed him. Alhamdulillah, he can drink the EBM from that bottle. Then, around 5-6weeks old, I stopped a while and continue direct feeding him. Once I started bottle feed him again, he become confused. So, I tried using MAM Bottle and Teat No 1. He can corporate now.
My little brother feeding my son while I am on my tungku session during confinement

As he grows, the teat needs to be change. And following the guidelines from most bottles' product website, they recommend us to change the teat accordingly to the baby's age. Like teat No 1 is for 0-3months, teat No 2 for 3-6 months, and so on.However, in ensuring Ilyaas can cope well between bottle feeding during the day and direct feeding during the nights and weekend, I did not change his teat from No 1 to No 2.Means that. he is still using the slow flow teat even he is growing big. Why I did like that? It's because in common sense, our milk flow from the breast will still be the same nonetheless how old is our baby. Their sucking might be stronger when they grow bigger, but the milk flow is just the same. Bukannya makin laju, like when we are changing to teat no 2 from no 1, the flow will be faster. 

And Alhamdulillah sampai skrg Ilyaas can tolerate that he needs to drink the milk from bottles during the day, and direct feeding from his Umi during night and weekends/off days. But I still facing a problem of me bottle feed him by myself....He will always make lots of reasons (by crying out loud) if I want to bottle feed him, especially when we are out in public(when I can't find baby room/nursery room in the shopping complex). Anybody have suggestion for this?


  1. Tommee tippee 3+ is what i use and nvr change since then. Yeap, die macam tau je ade yg lagi sedap dr botol tu (miss B ehehe). Rasenye, memang camtulah sampai die besar sikit dan faham ckp kite. Maybe, boleh minta tolong husband yg suapkan...

  2. Ya Allah, u tau tak batrisya kemain susah lagi nak minum botol mase mula2. kemain menolak2 lagi lidah die. haisshh! pastu melalak
    i pakai medela sampai skrg.
    try to change, beli MAM pakai tommee tippee org bagi, beli puting dr murah sampai mahal. die tetap nak medela. luckily kat umah BS die behave minum bottle. tapi kalau weekend n malam i mmg DF. pastu kalau kat public pun die same cam ilyaas, taknak Botol. geram betul, tapi comel je. haha

  3. asha: tula, kena pasrah jela anak xnak bottle feed dgn kita.

    sis balkiz: okla tu Batrisya nak medela fren, anak dia smua brand xnak,nak teat 90sen dr kedai mamak je la..i tgk medela teat mmg ok gak, hampir2 mcm avent's teat jugak.
    i ingt nnt ilyaas dah xminum susu ibu, nk bg dia try avent.mam leceh sket byk compartments.
    tula pasal, geram gak la klu dorg xnak bottle bila mak dia yg bagi,padahal kat bs selamba je kan..anak la anak...


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