Saturday, November 12, 2011

Have you ever heard Diaper Clutch?

Hi readers yang di hormati, 

Have you ever heard about Diaper Clutch?

Well, zaman sekarang ni, parents mesti bawa baby bag everywhere they go. Dekat kedai baby or supermarket pon banyak jual baby bag and it falls on various shape, colors, brands and sizes. Selalunya, we will put our baby's items in it such as spare diaper, lotions, baby oil, spare clothes, baby wipes, blankets, their milk and maybe some of their food or medicine. I bet you have your own baby bag too right? [Siapa ada angkat keyboard ye?:P]

Like myself, I always bring the baby bag or sometimes, I just tucked in everything in my handbag if it is a short trip. However, I find it's difficult for me to find the item if I tucked everything in my handbag. But bringing the big baby bag everywhere can be a trouble some too as it increase the item we have to carry + can become heavy sometime.
So, I have found this one useful product named diaper clutch. What is diaper clucth? It's small, light   fashionable, portable and can fit the items needed for baby changing. And it is beautifully sewn with love from good quality material.

This diaper clutch has features as below:-
  1. Waterproof lining – wipeable for cleaning in case either one of you made a mess. whoops!
  2. Hang it and flaunt it – easy snap velcro handle enables you to to effortlessly secure the clutch to the handle of your stroller and because of it’s pretty design, it will complement your hundreds of dollars buggy. Now you also have the option to use designer fabric.
  3. Toy ring – now you won’t forgot to carry around little toys. simply attach one of your little one’s favourite and you’ll always have a distraction handy. Our personal favourite is a bunch of keys.
  4. Single hand operable – unstrap-unroll-change diaper-roll-strap,, when you’re struggling with a squirming/squealing toddler, you tend to appreciate little things.
  5. Soft padding – no changing room within reach? With the soft padding, changing on a hard surface will be easy on the little one.. especially the very little ones
  6. Lightweight and compact – Will fit in any medium sized handbags and you no longer need to rummage through you bag to find wipes or bum cream as everything can fit in the pockets. Opens up to a changing mat that’s wide enough to accommodate a full grown toddler.
  7. Custom designs.
  8. Makes a great gift 
Enough talking. Let's have a quick view on how this diaper clutch will look like, inside and outside.By the way, its from SnuggBaby, a well known handmade baby products.

Berminat takkkk????Interesteeeddd Noooo???
I'm opening orders for this diaper clutch. The price is RM50 each (free postage for first product).

For more details and fabric choosing, Please visit my blogshop

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  1. seriously first time dengar, interesting product and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dah ada blogshop, best best. nanti saye pg usha k

  2. okay!:) thank u thank u..
    kalau berminat let me know ya..
    btw, mana pegi lama menyepi?


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