Thursday, November 24, 2011

Adorable Inspiration from Dr.Mom

As some of you might notice, I have been quite stressfull with working life these few days. Well, it's actually the beginning of many more days (I bet) of stressfull working life. As I've been assigned to new project.

Today, I tried to find some motivational blog in finding little positive energy from them. Stunningly, I found this adorable inspirational blog. It's not a normal inspirational motivating blog. But the author manage to share her positive energy with the readers, like me.It's her life story that amaze me. Her toughness to handle all her responsibilities.

Dr.Mom, My Adventures as a Mommy-Scientist

A mother of two kids, and wife to a husband, she captures my attention because she herself hold a Phd (my own personal hope for myself), a successfull lecturer in States and fighting with breast cancer in a tow. But she view her life positively, make every ounze of it meaningful.

Thank You Dr Mom for spreading your positive energy to me. I am now taking this new assignment as a challenge in my career. And the urge to further studies becoming more. and prying hard that I will be in a good health to achieve all my dreams, to take care of my family and to be a good muslimah.

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