Sunday, November 20, 2011

Preparation for Yummylicious Anchovies Baby Porridge

Hi All,

How to make a yummylicious baby porridge with anchovies ? This food is suitable for baby from 6m and above. Here is the recipe :-

1 pot of rice (you may use brown rice, I just use normal white rice)
1 large carrot (skin off)
4 small potatoes (skin off)
1 bunch of broccoli
1 pot of washed anchovies ( boneless)
enough water to make porridge


  1. Chopped carrot and potatoes into cubes
  2. Wash rice cleanly
  3. Take out the bone (if have) on the anchovies
  4. Put rice, carrot, potatoes and anchovies in the pot (add enough water), boil them until soft. Keep adding water if needed.
  5. Once all ingredients look soft, add broccoli for 5 minutes and turn off the fire.
  6. Let the porridge cool down between 20-30minutes
  7. Blend the porridge

during cooling down session

texture after blending

Preparation time:-
Cooking : 20 minutes
Blending: 20 minutes

1) If possible, try to find washed boneless anchovies available in the supermarket. Will save your preparation time.
2) Blend part by part. Do not put everything in one go. You will never get the soft smooth texture of porridge if you do that. 2-3 or 4-5 scoops of porridge will be enough for each blending session.
3) Can add the water from porridge soup to get smoother and softer texture. Suitable during preparation for 6m old baby.

ok all, Happy's yummylicious. I can tell as I try to eat it at the same time I feed my baby.

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