Thursday, November 17, 2011

The beauty of all mothers

As mothers, we are as varied as they come. Some of us are full time stay at home moms who excel in all things crafty and homemade. Some of us work part time out of the house, as teachers, lawyers, doctors, or nurses. Some of us work full time and rush home to spend precious quality time with our children before they head off to sleep.

All of us are mothers.

We don’t always agree on certain parenting issues. Our paths may diverge greatly. However, it’s inevitable…we will meet.

Often, our meetings occur at the intersection of worry and pride.

At times it will seem like we are alone in this motherhood journey. We struggle with breastfeeding, stumble through our days, bleary eyed from sleep deprivation, and worry about the pacifier we just popped into our infant’s mouth.

We are not alone.

As different as we may seem, this journey through motherhood is what binds us.

From the moment that pink, delicious, crying, and beautiful bundle is placed in our arms, we enter another world. It’s a world where both vulnerability and unimaginable strength abound.

A world, that honestly, only a mother can know.

Some of us have suffered unfathomable losses and endured excruciating moments when we feel completely helpless. Each one of us has a story to tell.

So, while we should celebrate our differences, we should also rejoice in our similarities.

This journey through motherhood is full of surprises, wrong turns, smooth paths, and bumpy roads. It is also glittered with chance meetings.

Meetings where we will bond with other mothers who have held their breath while watching their child climb that jungle gym, mothers who have knelt all night at their sick child’s bedside, and mothers who struggle with finding balance…just like we all do.

The beauty of motherhood is that we can all find our common ground


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