Thursday, November 17, 2011

Yaaay, Ilyaas starts to like back carry now

Yaayyyyy...Big Yaaaayyy for me....
Ilyaas started to like back carry now..
I tried few times and he refuses...

Might be he was not comfortable yet at that time
But malam ni, I tried again while waiting for hubby to come back home, 
So that I can do some houseworks too without leaving Ilyaas behind, playing alone (read as playing with wires and suis)

But upon seeing his daddy, he excitedly wants to be out of the Merak Buckle Tai.
Well, good job son! Thanks for compromising with Umi who wants to cook dinner.
 Nnt kita try lagi...

ps: these pictures were taken after husband dah sampai rumah, I am not good at camera self timer..Cheers:P

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