Tuesday, September 20, 2011

BabyGadget I'm eyeing now--->NoseFrida:The Snotsucker

Hi all mummies,

I was on  Ivillage doing some reading during lunch hour and I have come acrossed this useful baby gadget. I have read the testimonials from the users and believe all of them are saying the truth otherwise I might be fooled.
It is a nasal aspirator. Not the normal nasal aspirator that Ilyaas hate. I have used the normal nasal aspirator provided from Paed once Ilyaas had a running nose when he was 3-4 months old. He doesn't like it at all, might be due to the size. I bet your child acts the same way as Ilyaas does, right?
The normal nasal aspirator for baby.Most commonly used.

The nasal aspirator that I have been eyeing now is  NoseFrida:The Snotsucker . It is said that this is a product that new parents should get. It's a nasal aspirator that actually works! Ya, the normal aspirator doesn't really sucks the hingus right? This NoseFrida is a doctor invented and doctor reccommended, has been fabolously reviewed on Parenting, BabyTalk and Cookie. It is also totally hygenic due to provided filters and most of all it has been used widely by parents in Europe.So, Malaysians mothers should start trying this new NoseFrida soon. I will get one too once I found out where to buy it here.

You can read the testimonials here.

This is how NoseFrida works.It looks yucky that you have to suck your baby/child hingus, but a mother will do anything to see their baby eat, breath and sleep well again.

Here is a leaflet I found on the net about this cool gadget.


  1. Boleh beli kat one baby world. Harga RM49.90. Cap pigeon ada gak lebih kurang mcm ni, sedut guna mulut tapi betuk lain. Harga lagi murah.

  2. Yang ini pun baby tak suka jugak. My baby nangis kuat bila guna.

  3. Hi i,

    thanks for sharing. i ada jumpa kat otaki baby, rm42. tp belum beli lagi.
    tp ye eh baby u tak suka juga yg mcm ni? hmm, mmg susah nak sedut hingus baby2 ni..

  4. i ada benda ni n mmg membantu if my baby ada running nose...harga kalo tak silap RM49.90


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