Friday, September 30, 2011

Breastfeeding Calculator

Lately, I realized that my milk prodcution is not as stable as before. There are days when the prodcution were  low, as much as only 10oz per day. But there are also days when the production seem promising, as much as 18oz per day.

I suspect the inconsistency in the production was due to my stress level at office. Few times that I am too occupied with works and I delayed my pumping session to 1-2 hours than my usual pumping time. Thus, milk production will be low for that day. Or even when I did not eat a lot.

I tried to use breastfeeding calculator from The result came out like this:-

Breastfeeding Calculator

According to our calculations, a baby weighing 18 pound and ounces will need approximately 19 to 23 ounces of breastmilk while you are away.
Please keep in mind that this is based on the typical average child. There will be some variances based on age. For example a younger child may need less breastmilk and a child that is over or underweight may need more or less breastmilk. Please consult your doctor for more specific questions about how much breastmilk your child should be taking.

So true. Everyday I packed Ilyaas 18oz for drinking and another 3-4 oz for his nestum. and today I made him mash potato utk bekal ke rumah babysiter. Harap2 Ilyaas ok with the mash potato, so that after this I don't have to give the extra 3-4oz EBM for him anymore for the nestum.


  1. i pun nak buat jugak lah.
    batrisya dah start minum 3oz dah now. makin keraplah i kena pam. tu pun kdg2 terskip sebab busy marking sampai lupa. lagipun, i malas nak pump time busy sebab nanti stress susu tak banyak.
    ilyaas dah makin tembam.. aiyyyooo! geram!
    batrisya plak dah asyik nak berborak. kul3 pagi bangun ajak borak boleh? adoii la anak! :0 tapi enjoy sgt! alhamdulillah!
    teringat entry u sebelum ni, kita patut bersyukur by 6pm dah dpt jumpe anak. org lain? hmm..syukur!

  2. betul2...:) kena sgt bersyukur sbb kerja normal working hours kn:)
    jgn risau, biasanya baby yg full bf ni tak minum byk sgt .paling byk 3-4oz tp kerap...
    haah ilyaas makin tembam mambam skrg ni, lama dah tak tengok pic batrisya, rinduuuu plak nk tgk anak dara u tu


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