Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Quick Update about my Ilyaas Hafiy

Bring him to 5th month injection today.
Alhamdulillah, semua ok.
He is now weight 8.0kg with 65cm tall.
He has been growing so fast!
in a blink, he is no longer fits 6-12months size.
all his baju raya are either 8-12 months or 12-18months size.
cepat sungguh anak umi membesar. but habit menghisap jari makin menjadi-jadi.
and this is Ilyaas on our way back to KT from Penang. the trip was far more challenging than our flight experience.if sempat i will update about the trips.
Ilyaas on second day raya in Penang
My cheeky Ilyaas now on his way mengangkat punggung utk meniarap

looking forward for coming weeks. I can start weaning soon.
Will start making him rice porridge. As for now, he is on-off taking some fruit puree and he loves the apple-banana puree a lot.

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