Monday, September 12, 2011

Reading Mood in the air

Hi All,

I'm looking for my writing mood for these past few days. I still can't find it. Maybe it's been grounded due to my current attention to my new novel. (it's not mine, I borrowed from my mother in law).

I'm currently reading Run, Mummy, Run by Cathy Glass. 

So, as my reading mood is in the air, I will slow down on writing. I might write this novel review in the next entry. It has been quite a while now that I last wrote about the novel I read. This is because it has been quite a while too I touch a novel. 
 The urge to find out what will happened to Aisha (the main character in the novel) keep pressing me. Plus seeing hubby reading my anniversary gift to him make me jealous ( I bought him A Dr in the House). I want to read too!

Off to go for today. 

ps: Ilyaas is sleeping in his cot next to me now. So I should take the chance to finish my novel.

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