Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Baby Porridge with Broccoli

I try new recipe for baby porridge for my 7 months old son. This time, I introduce broccoli in his diet. Broccoli is his 7 months old birthday gift :P

Well, broccoli is rich in :-
Vitamin A - 19809 iu
Vitamin C - 161.7.0 mg
Niacin - 8.0 mg
Folate - 310 mcg
Vitamin B1 (thiamine) - .73 mg
Vitamin B6 - .62 mg
Vitamin E - 11 mg
Vitamin K - 118 mg
Contains some other vitamins in small amounts.
Potassium - 1499 mg
Phosphorus - 358 mg
Magnesium - 118 mg
Calcium - 516 mg
Sodium - 245 mg
Selenium - 5.7 mg
Iron - 5.5 mg
Contains zinc, manganese and others
From my reading, broccoli is suitable for baby from 8th months above, but giving a try is no harm. Ilyaas looks ok after taking his first broccoli meal. Well, the reason to delay introducing broccoli to your baby is because it may contains gas. You can read more on broccoli here.  

Here goes my baby porridge recipe:-
1) Half cup of rice 
2) One carrot
3)2 potatoes
4) Few dices of chicken breast
5) Broccoli

1) Wash the rice and put in lots of water. More than enough to make porridge.
2) Cut the carrot, potatoes and chicken breast into dices.
3) Heat on these ingredients on the stove until all of them are soft
4) Put in the broccoli into the pot and let it be soft for < 5 minutes.
5) Let the porridge cool down before blend them.

The result will looks like this
soft and smooth porridge
And this is when they are ready to be frozen for 5 days stocks.


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  1. Hye dear!
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    Macam sedap je bubur u nie. jangan kat aisya, mama isya pun nak.
    nanti isya dah start nak mamam i refer sini lah :)


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