Saturday, October 15, 2011

A beautiful 11 years of friendship with Che' Wan Nurulhanisah

It was 19th January 2000. My parents and brothers ( I only have Imran and Amir as my brothers that time, Izzat wasn't conceived yet) send me to Bukit Merbah, Seremban. A place known as Kolej Tunku Kurshiah. I was assigned to class IT and dorm Tanjung in Block F. Full of energy and new spirit, I am so determined that I can and will be strong enough to stay 500km away from my parents and family. Yes, I did. I managed to stay there until Year 2004. But no one knows how many litres of tears I have cried on for the first few months staying there, except one person. That person is Che' Wan NurulHanisah Che' Wan Samsuddin, my dearest bedmate when I first stepped in into TKC.

She is a lovely girl. I would say, she has all the package that a guy wanted in a girl. Definitely, she has her own originality, she has her own charisma and she is very beautiful indeed. She is matured beyond her age. Lovely, nice, humble, caring and open minded, and disciplined would be best to describe her. Not to forget, very intelligent too!
I called her Nisah. She is the person who always heard me crying before we went to sleep. She is the one who always woke up in the middle of the night after hearing me sobering next to her for missing my family away in Penang. She is lucky as her parents live in KL, so they can come and visit her every weekend or two. She will be telling me how strong I should be in order for me to overcome the homesickness. She is the one who will listen to my crying for nearly 2 months before I can settled down with new life in boarding school. She does play a big role in my life for making sure I stay for that long in TKC.  I was her bedmate for whole year 2000.

The pretty Nisah with Me
Moving to Form 2, we both were given same dorm again. As time goes by, I managed to get along well with the boarding school environment. Years past and we are going to take our PMR soon. Both of us were appointed to become school prefect for the next year after PMR. We make our prefects' suite together with other prefects-to-be like Nuha, Ayie, Izzah, Soraya and few more. It's the dark green coat with a big TKC badge on the left pocket. As PMR finished and school holiday approached, all of us (we call ourselves TITANS) becoming so sad. Sad because Nisah going to leave us for United Kingdom. She has to follow her family to move there as her mum going to continue her Phd in Cardiff. It was one of the saddest   moment to remember through the years I spend in TKC, for losing a very closed and understanding friend name Hanisah. She went to UK during the school holiday year 2002. I did not manage to come and visit her in Putrajaya before she left for UK. From then, we keep in touch via Friendster and later on come in the Facebook.

Nisah managed to come back to KL few times, but I was in Australia furthering my degree. So I did not manage to see her. Another time she came back, I was in US for work trip. Again, missed another meeting.
But Allah is Grateful. He planned well and after 9 years of only seeing her in Friendster and Facebook, I manage to attend her brother's wedding today. Lots of things happen within that 9 years, so bringing Ilyaas and Mr Husband to meet Hanisah is a must. The moment I saw her and hug her, I can hide how much I have been missing my dearest bedmate back in Year 2000, 11 years ago. We both tried to hold our tears since we were on our make up, so tak nak la spoil the event. Alhamdulillah, I am one happy person today as I meet my dearest Nisah. She recognized my husband and Ilyaas from her constant keep on track about us Titans via fb. Thank You Nisah for inviting us to your brother's big day. Managed to meet other Titans too like Izyan (my bridesmaid), Izzah, Iedadie, Jama, NickAisy, Kakak, and Nadia. Though it was a short meeting, but seeing you after 9 years means a lot.
My bridesmaid, Izyan with Nisah. (background, Kakak and Izzah)

Thanks Husband for understand how much your wife has been missing her bedmate in form 1. Thanks Nisah for the cute gift to my baby Ilyaas, and top of all, thanks for the friendship we shared for 11 years (and counting). May your journey back to UK be smooth. I'm waiting for your wedding invitation (hint:P)
And that's Nisah, Me (struggling to force Ilyaas seeing the camera) with Izyan

Nisah's present to Ilyaas .Thank You aunty Nisah.

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