Friday, October 7, 2011

A pleasant surprise

Ring, Ring, Ring,......

Telefon ofis saya berdering.Panggilan dari receptionist. -->

Jurlia: Athi, nnt datang tempat I ye, U ada parcel ni...
Me:Parcel????!!! muka blank
Jurlia: Yup Parcel...emmmmm, actually surat dalam sampul pos laju.
Me: Really ke? I dah lama stop aktiviti online shopping...and no one inform me dorg nak bagi parcel...Hmmmm..(muka blank lagi)...
Jurlia: Heheheh, ni mmg nama U ni...
Me: Ok, kejap lagi I pegi tpt U.

10minit kemudian....

Saya pun berjalan ke tempat Jurlia dgn muka penuh tanda tanya, sapa la yg bg parcel ni.dokumen apa pulak? Hmmm...Then, upon receiving the pos laju envelope, ada cop NeezaNeedle.

Teeetttttt! Bila masa pulak I made an order from kak Neeza ni.she must be salah hantar baby carrier ni..Sebab I already get mine like 3-4 months before..

Oh, rupa-rupanya, the parcel was her token of appreciation to me for making a review on her baby carrier products in my blog. The review is here, to those yang belum sempat baca.

So sweet of Kak Neeza :) She gave me a green metallic color bag made from Thai silk. It is more to a pouch than a bag. I can put my telekung in there or even other things. Thanks Kak Neeza, it was such a pleasant surprise that made my day :) Though I write the review dengan ikhlas (without her knowing it/without her request) sbb betul2 suka dgn hasil kerja tangan NeezaNeedles, she still appreciate it. What a good way to take care of your customer.

Once more, Thanks You Kak Neeza. Walaupun just a small simple gift, the thoughts and appreciation u showed that counts.Semoga bisnes babywearing akak makin maju :)

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