Saturday, October 15, 2011

Baby bathing products I used for Ilyaas

As a pregnant mother, I make preparation upon delivering my baby. Part of it is choosing the baby bath soap. There are ranges of brand for baby bath soap with lots of flavour and colours. I bought Johnson&Johnson head to toe baby bath soap for Ilyaas. Once he was born, I tried using this head to toe baby bath soap but unfortunately his skin was still too sensitive to accept the new chemical introduced in the soap. So, I consult a nurse (who's doing house-to-house visit) for lady who just delivered. She suggested for Lactacyd for baby soap.

Head to toe by Johnson&Johnson: Affordable, easy  to get and  commonly used
I tried the Lactacyd and surprisingly it corporate well with Ilyaas' newborn skin. However, Lactacyd is not as cheap as Johnson&Johnson brand. I bought the Lactacyd baby soap from nearby pharmacy (my dad bought it since I was still in confinement). If I'm not mistaken, the price for two big size bottles of Lactacyd baby bath is RM50+. After Ilyaas turns 2 months and I started working, I send him to babysitter. I decided to stop using Lactacyd since the price is quite pricey. Thus, I tried Sebamed brand both for the baby soap and also lotion. However, Ilyaas only used Sebamed baby soap at babysitter's since there are still leftover Lactacyd at home. I monitor the changes on his skin for 1-2 weeks using Sebamed. Looks like his skin is becoming more friendly to the product. Once he turned 4 months, I used the Johnson&Johnson baby soap I bought earlier. Alhamdulillah, he can tolerate better now compare to when he was newborn. Since then, I used Johnson&Johnson baby soap. 
Lactacyd for Baby: very good for newborn and sensitive skin but a bit pricey.
No bubble, no sweet smell. Smell more likely as an ubat

Sebamed Baby Liquid Cleanser:: Affordable,good for sensitive skin,  quite ok smell.better than Lactacyd

Few weeks back, after doing some spring cleaning to keep Ilyaas' newborn baby wear into plastic bag(s) [so that I can used it again if I got another baby later], I realized that I have lots of Avon Baby Soaps and Lotion given to me by some relatives when I was in confinement. The smell is quite nice and I decided to give it a try. But I was afraid Ilyaas' skin might not react well with the new product. Luckily, he likes it. Got lots of bubbles compare to other baby soaps I used previously, making our bathing time more fun So, for now, I decided to stick with Avon Baby Soap and also Baby Lotion. Part from producing more bubbles, the smell is so nice and stay for longer time. I gave bath to Ilyaas at 5pm in the evening and at 10pm in the night, he still smells fresh after shower despite his aggressiveness and activeness. Thus, I'm falling in love with Avon Baby Products :)
Avon Baby Wash and Shampoo: Affordable, wangi and lots of bubbles.


  1. ahhh good2x! do support my company's product...even i don't use it for my own baby *malu : p

  2. hahahah :)slalunya camtula, kita yg jual, tp kita xpakai.
    tp i mmg suka la baby products avon especially the soothing oil.wangi n sejuk je rasa.


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