Wednesday, December 14, 2011

sampai bila agaknya boleh bertahan?

Alhamdulillah.Ilyaas is still fully breastfeed by me until this moment.even i am typing this while bf him.But,milk production has been lessen this few weeks.From what left in the freezer,I am guessing that the stock will only last for two to three weeks only(if i stop pumping at the office).

That's not  a good news though:(

i have been 'main tipu' with pumping session bad.i failed to manage my working time properly these days that result in delaying or even skipping to pump. delaying always apply for morning session sebab sometime got meeting at 10am or 11am that continues until after lunch time.skipping on the other hand applicable for evening session as i am fully occupied with testing n other misc.

semuanya alasan!dulu boleh curi masa pegi what's my problem now?

i even have the tought to start fm for ilyaas when he turns one if this situation continues.before becoming more chronic,i would like to start teach ilyaas how to coorporate with belum cuba sebab tak sampai hati tengok dia mengamuk xnak minum susu.ebm dlm botol kalau umi or ayah dia bg pon susah nak diterima apatah lagi fm.secondly deep inside me still hoping n trying to bf ilyaas till he is two yrs old.i hope i can.maybe this is few obstacles i have to face in btw completing the journey of a successful breastfeeding mother.

apepun,I let Allah to take care of this.kita hanya merancang.Dia menentukan segalanya

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  1. jgn stress2...nnti susu makin drop...akak pun since x sihat ni, mmg x pump pun kat ofis sbb x rs bengkak sgt. so, nak habis kan susu yg kat freezer tu je then continue fm je la kat aqil. tp xtau la dia nak ke x fm ni..hu3x.

  2. tula.rasanya since pindah kerja ke tpt baru ni, makin stress kot.tu makin kurg susu.
    aqil dah 2yrs + kire ok dah tu nak bg fm.ilyaas br nak masuk setahun, kesian plak nak bg fm.harapan nak bf smpi dia 2thn kalau diizinkanNYA


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