Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nora's dream wedding

Seperti yang di sebutkan dlm entry JPO , tujuan asal kami sekeluarga ke johor ialah untuk menghadiri majlis perkahwinan my office mate cum one of the closest friend I have for now.

I have been hearing and seeing all the hard works she put in the making of her dream wedding. Ye lah, since we sit next to each other in the office, so most of the stories regarding her preparation I will know. I even get the honored to see her jubah for akad nikah before others does.

Though I have to take over her works while she is on holiday for her wedding, I am doing it with ikhlas for a friend. ikhlas ke? insyaAllah..

Let's have a few peeks on the pictures ....

nora dan kenu

berarak ke meja makan beradap
flower girls yg comel

sessi potong cake

us with aida.ilyaas busy pandang bunga2 kat ats tu

my two men. ilyaas is sleepy

umi and ilyaas

ada tarian zapin

cubaan pengantin nak dukung ilyaas

It was a happening wedding in fact. Lovely dress, delicious food, nice dewan and everything just looks so perfect. I can't stay too long sebab Ilyaas dah sgt sleepy and hungry. Habis seketul kuih dia makan kat wedding ni.

My wish for Nora and Kenu ialah semoga mereka bahagia ke akhir hayat, menikmati alam rumahtangga dengan penuh wasatiah and u guys will be just ok even LDM.
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