Monday, December 26, 2011

Welcome back into my life, Medela Purelan!

I once used this breast cream to heal my cracked nipples. If I'm not mistaken it was two days after I delivered Ilyaas, almost 48 hours after Ilyaas started to drink my milk. 

I used it for few days only. I can say less than 5 days since the cream heals my cracked nipples very well. And Ilyaas and me already establish good latching after few days. So I kept this purelan cream in my handbag for almost 9 months before I started using it again last week. 

Due to power pumping that I did last week ( as I tried to increase my milk production while I am at the office), I realize that my nipples were sore. So,  I decided to use purelan cream before it getting worse. However, the evening I was sleepy and Ilyaas wanted to nurse, I offered him Miss B and he drinks only for few minutes (maybe 2-3 minutes only) before he decided to BITES Miss B. I was nearly falling asleep at that time. And of course I could not help to shout "sakitttttnyaaaaa" the moment he bites me. Bayangkan lah, he has 6 teeth ok, 2 at the bottom 4 on the top..

It was really2 hurt.  Before I got angry with him, I choose to get away from the room and let him stay with the father. My nipple was bleeding a bit. Adoi, sakitnyaaaa!!!! This is more painful than cracked nipples I had earlier after deliver him...

Now, I hope purelan cream can help me to heal my tore nipple...(over nya sampai tore, but yer, I can see bekas gigitan gigi Ilyaas on my nipple)...sakit ok! But no choice, I still need to nurse him slowly..Or I just pump on that particular effected breast so that I don't have to face the pain until it recovers.

Btw, for some gentle reading on how to tackle baby who bites while nurse, please kindly visit this website. It does help to give the idea how to handle this situation.


  1. salam,

    officemate akak br je call tnya cream utk letak kat nipple sbb anak dia pun dah srart mengigit...akak suruh dia ambik air susu kita tu, then letak kat tmpt kena gigit tu..tgk berkesan ke x..klau x, mmg kena cr cream gak la..

  2. smlm dah gi klinik sbb mmg xtahan sakit..
    masalahnya malam2 ilyaas lansung xnak minum ebm dr botol..jenuh dah paksa..nak xnak kena jugak direct feed walaupun tgh sakit


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