Thursday, December 1, 2011

SNUGGBaby 3rd Anniversary Giveaway

Do you know SnuggBaby?  Oh, please say yes...

But if you don't let me tell you who they are?

SNUGGBaby is one of the leading baby wearing supplier, dealer, maker and most of all, a place where a fashion aware mother makes a great fashionable items (including baby carrier, cloth diaper, diaper clutch and lots more) for mothers who love unique and beautiful gears without compromising comfort and quality.

Well, for more info on SNUGGBaby, do visit their website.

Back to the title, SNUGGBaby is making a contest for their third anniversary give-away.  The contest is as below:-

The CONTEST: What you need to do?
Do you have ideas on how SNUGGbaby can improve our products and services? We need constructive criticisms and that brilliant ideas and we need you eyes and ears to help us move further.
1.    Write a minimum of one paragraph on ‘How SNUGGbaby can improve its products and services’
2.    Email your entry to
3.    Drop a comment below to officiate your entry
4.    Only one entry per person and per household
5.    The best and most relevant ideas will win the prize!
The GIVEAWAY: What you need to do to help us get 3K likes on facebook!
1.    Tweet, update your facebook page, recommend our fb page to your friends, blog about us or any other ways you can think of
2.    Let us know in the comment section below on how you helped
3.    We count every deed you made in spreading the word as one entry
4.    Do it daily if you must. Each deed is counted but remember to drop a comment below right after!
5.    Winner will be chosen at random, the more entries you have the better chance for you to win!
MYSTERY GIFT: Photos photos photos!!!

1.    SPAM our Facebook page with photos! Any photos related to your SNUGGbugg
2.    Doesn’t have to be good but photos must be yours (do get permission of the owner and photographer)
3.    SNUGGbugg doesn’t have to be yours to BEG BORROW but please don’t steal hehe
4.    Email us your photo in case you are unable to upload photos to facebook and we help you out Description: ;)
5.    Best photo gets MYSTERY GIFT!

Let me share with you the gifts waiting.....

This one is for best comment on how SNUGG can improve the products and services...
 I heart Breastfeeding Stork 

And this one is for the random winner who helped to promote SNUGG Baby to achieve their aim for 3K likes (ehem ehem ehem...may I?)

I'm Not A Crotch Carrier Mei Tai

And mystery gift for those who win best picture with SNUGG Baby Carrier. It's worth RM100!!!!

 I surely can't get this mystery gift thou :( sobs sobs sobs, as I'm not using carrier from SNUGG. But no harm helping SNUGG to promote their contest, well I support babywearing,so I support SNUGG too!



common dear, just hit like on the fanpage. 


Terms and conditions:
  1. This contest and giveaway is open to anyone anywhere not exclusive to Malaysian citizens.
  2. Contest will run until 30th November 2011 and we may extend the deadline as we see fit.Extending till 31st December!!!!!
  3. SNUGGbaby reserves the right at its sole discretion to substitute any of the prizes of equal or greater value.
  4. SNUGGbaby reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of the Contest at any time without giving any prior notice.
  5. By participating in the Contest, participants agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions and judges’ decisions are final and binding. No correspondence will be entertained.
  6. Participation constitutes permission to use the pictures and/or name and/ or other particulars and /or likeness for the purposes of advertising, trade and promotion
  7. *Colour and design of STORK Denim SE is determined by SNUGGbaby. Winner can choose either I heart Babywearing or Breastfeeding.

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