Thursday, December 1, 2011

The pros of pump and direct feed at the same time

My milk production has been lowered down these few weeks. It's frustrating but I did not take it seriously as Ilyaas already taking solid as part of his diet. I think it's because of my tight time in the office to empty Miss B frequently like before.

As for now, I usually do express pumping around 10-15minutes in a rush, so that I can be back at my cubicle to finish up all the works. Some time, I even forget have no time to pump especially the afternoon session if I have meeting with client after lunch hour.

Last Friday, I forget to pump due to overburden work load. And husband has to stay after work for a meeting. So, after pick up Ilyaas from his bs, I decided to pump at home, of course after breastfeed Ilyaas. Since the first day I send him to bs, we never missed to have mother-son session every time after pick him up from his bs' house.

After making sure he is already satisfied and full (I only feed him from the right Miss B), I started pumping on the left one.Sadly, the milk was so little even I can felt the engorgement. Ilyaas on the other hand, becoming so aggressive upon seeing me expressing out the milk from Miss B. He came over and lie on my lap, pretending he wants to drink from Miss B too.

I let him do so. He drink from the right Miss B. The moment latching down happened on the right one, milk from the left one flows as fast as a river (Hahaha, over sgt la mcm sungai, macam hujan la sebenarnya). From 1oz, I can get 4.5oz. Alhamdulillah. That's my milk booster I think.

Now, after 8monts plus into breastfeeding world, I realize one of the pros of pumping and direct feeding at the same time.

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