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Car seat Crying

I started introducing Ilyaas with car seat when he was 45 days, exactly after I finished my confinement and we had our first shopping trip to Sunshine Square, Penang. At that time, I used Anakku Car seat and Carrier, borrowed from my sis-in-law. It was a light and easy to install carrier. We used that kind of car seat until he is  about 4 month, before changing to our current car seat

When Ilyaas was not an active crawling baby yet, he used to love sitting in his car seat for quite a long time, which is easy for long balik kampung trip. But, once he is good at crawling, sitting, jumping and all sort activities, he started to feel uncomfortable sitting in his car seat for more than 1 hour. He sometimes needs me to play with him, so I sit at the passenger sits at the back together with him. Honestly, I don't really like sitting at the back cause I have motion sickness. Still need to endure it for the sake of disciplining my son to sit in his car seat. 
At the age of nearly 14 months, Ilyaas is a good boy who now can sit alone in his car seat, without umi next to him. Means, I can sit next to my husband while Ilyaas sleeping or playing in his car seat at the passenger's sit at the back. Relieve ! I only need to take him out from his car seat for feeding time or when he really feels bored in there. 

He smiles to me when I capture this pic
eating his IKEA biscuits

And reading too
Well, this is not an easy steps making him smile in his car seat. I bet most parents, faced car seat crying situation. I knew some of them. 

How to help your kids/baby enjoy sitting in their car sear? Here are few ways I used:-

1. Buy a comfortable car seat. This does not mean an expensive one, enough to make sure your baby's back and bottom are not suffering any pain while sitting in there.There many brands that offers comfy car seat nowadays. 

2. Make sure he /she is healthy when you choose to put him/her in the car seat. Baby who is not in pink of health will tend to be closed to their mother, means some of them prefer to be cuddle all the way along the trip. 

3. Bring the car seat in the house and let them play with it. This will help creating a bond between two of them! Seriously, this help, not only for Ilyaas, but also for his cousins. 

4. Hang toys for their viewing when they are still young. Offers interesting toys, books, or anything suitable to them while they are in the car seat. In my case, I always keep a spare toys and books in the car anywhere we go, so Ilyaas will never get bored. 

5. Try a pacifier if it does help. It does for me when Ilyaas was a bit younger around 2-5 months. Don't worry if your child become pacifier addicted, because eventually they will let go by themselves. As for Ilyaas, he decided to be pacifier free at the age of 7 months! Early right? well, choose an orthodontic recommended pacifier like from MAM, Avent or Tomee Tipee. 

6. Put a sun shade, so that he will feel more cold inside the car. Or a portable fan for travelling.

7. Make sure he wears a light cloth. Unless he will be sweating, especially in our humid country. 

8. Offers snacks like biscuits, fruits etc to them while they are in the car seat.

9. Put on his favourite music. Like Maher Zain maybe? or nursery rhymes.

10. Sing to him. Your voice will make him feel comfy. This is true, when I drove alone with Ilyaas to checked up (he was 47 days, sitting in car seat at the back),he was all crying and I am panicked. So I started to sing him lullabies, selawat to Rasullullah SAW and anything that comes to my mind, and eventually he slows down and stop crying.  

If he is still crying and begging you to be out of the car seat, then do it! No harm. He need sometime to straighten his muscles too! Or he just simple wants your milk! Play with him for a while, and then put him back into his car seat. InsyaAllah, it helps to make him understand the need of sitting in a car seat . 

Well, its not easy but its do-able for every body. 

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