Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The last EBM for Ilyaas

Dear Ilyaas,

19 June 2012 marks the very last day you drink my expressed breast milk (EBM).
I managed to breastfeed you for about 1 year, 2 months, 3 weeks and 4 days only.
Did not succeed to fulfil my wish to continue breastfeed you until you are 24 months.
Well, even though I've read that breastfeeding while pregnant is safe and does not effect the baby inside,
my milk production is lowering day to day until I stopped pumping (because I have no more milk) 3 weeks ago.
So, since 3 weeks ago, you were only drinking EBM before you went to bed (around 7oz per drink) and the rest I top-up with formula milk. Sorry Ilyaas, umi is not able to continue breastfeed you until you are two.
But, I think you are doing fine with formula milk and bottle. You become smart and clever each day.
And the most important thing, Ilyaas does not suffer from any side effects from formula milk.
Thank You Allah for easing my way to wean off Ilyaas.
Others can read my experience on weaning off Ilyaas from breast milk here.

Ilyaas, this is your very last breast milk that goes into your body

My little angle understand his umi's situation and coop well .
Sempat posing utk amik gambar.
Love you son, no matter what milk you drink. 


  1. Congrates dear. Lama x dtg sini. I dulu pun camni gak. Dapat bf kan Ammar setahun. 2 Bulan EBM Coz pregnant. Now Adik baby dah lahir, i continue bagi Ammar EBM. Share ngan adik baby. Tapi campurlla EBM and FM

  2. sedih xpelah..kita dah cuba yg terbaik...

  3. athi, don't be sad dear :) walaupun akak pulak yang sedih huhu... mungkin itu yang terbaik untuk kalian! keep walking - teringat ayie punya kata2 :)

  4. saya yang baru terjumpa blog awak pun tumpang sedih.. tp nak wat camna tu je rezeki yang ada kan.. kita dah berusaha.. anak saya 9 bln , masih fully bf.. tapi sekarang susu tengah merundum.. harap2 saya dapat bf dia smpai 2 tahun...

  5. Thanks all for the supports. Allah has greater plan for us =)


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