Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Emotionally unstable few hours before RPD

Well, my RPD or in its long name Research Proposal Defence will start in few hours.
But weirdly, I am being very emotional and nothing related to my RPD.
First, to make sure I am concentrating on the presentation and get some motivation, I tried to listen to You Raise Me Up song in Youtube, but end up, I was crying!
Rasa mcm orang gilo tibe2 tgh reading my presentation and suddenly cry.
I was imagining my dad, who always raise me up when I am down, also my mum, and also my husband.

And be a bit more emotional sebab pagi tadi got little argument with husband on topic nescafe o is not a coffee o. You get me or not? of course la nescafe o bukan kopi o. kan? nescafe is a brand.kopi is another product dr kopi cap hang tuah ke, cap kapal layar my understanding la..
Lepas nyatakan my opinion, now I feel bad about it.
Salah I tak pegi tukar nescafe o husband ke nescafe susu..
so dia terpaksa minum something yang dia xsuka.
salah i jugak sbb x prepare breakfast kat rumah , and end up makan kat luar.

tak leh camni..emosi tak stabil
pastu pagi ni je dah 4 kali ulang alik gi toilet.
baby tibe2 dok push pundi kencing umi ye?

ok, bye.
kena cari mood focus nak RPD.

Salam aleykum...

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