Saturday, April 20, 2013

Free Gift from Method Malaysia. TQ Mommy Nadia

Ingatkan ada aritu saya dok excited sebab menang contest anjuran Mommy Nadia from Fab Motherhood?
Tak ingat eh? Takpe, boleh recall kat entry ini. (klik klik klik

So setelah almost 2 weeks lepas menang contest ni, parcel pun sampai la. kebetulan haritu saya mmg half day, jadi merasa la posman call cari rumah sebab ada parcel handle with care nak sampai. 

Ni first time saya menang contest yang ada kat blog-blog ni. Happy la jugak. Dapat free gift, bukan susah pun contest tu. Tulis je cerita pendek. Cerita pendek yang membawa tuah kat saya kali ni berbunyi seperti di bawah

My dearest husband is always ringan tulang to help me clean all the dishes every after meal, especially after dinner. That's a way he is saying thank you to me after I had bertungkus lumus cook for him and our son. He will also clean the whole kitchen too! I am so glad to have him. While he was cleaning the dishes and kitchen, I will spend some quality time with the kids. It is sad that their father couldn't join us until he finishes all the dishes. Sometime he even missed to watch Buletin Utama when there are whole loads of dishes need to be clean. Thus, I am very interested to give him Method Dish Soap Pump. I believe, with its tagline get "pumped to get clean dishes", it will help my husband to reduce dishes' cleaning time every after meal. And he can spend more time to watch Bulletin Utama and more quality time with the family. I trust Method Dish Soap Pump can help us to make sure all the dishes are really clean, no more oily and cheesy stain on the plates even after cleaning. and can save much time in cleaning the dishes."

Apa hadiah yang Method Malaysia hantar kat saya? Husband sah-sah dpt Method Dish Soap Pump tu.

Saya plak dapat Method Laundry Detergent, Method Flushable Wipes and Method Squirt and Mop Wood All Purpose Floor.To check other Method products, kindly visit this link. To be honest, kalau Method tak bagi free gift ni, I won't know this product, except that I read it from Mommy Nadia la. I mean, I will never try it, coz I'm not the type yang fancy to buy new cleaning products. I would rather stay with what we have in the supermarkets like Dettol or Ajax  etc.the normal brand widely sell in our departmental stores tu. So, I would like to take this opp to say many thanks to Method Malaysia for giving me the free gifts! Next time boleh bagi lagi ya.I like it. =) and of course thanks Mommy Nadia.

The gifts. and letters.

I have tried the Squirt and Mop tu. Bau dia waaaaa bestnye..Lemon Ginger.. Feeling2 spa gitu.. And the best thing is, just squeeze it on floor, then mop, terus rasa lantai bersih dan wangi. Without have to bilas sekali lagi dengan air. Sorry la lupa nak amik pic masa tgk dok kelam kabut mop rumah. And sgt berkesan nak hilangkan habuk. Seriously tak rasa licin or melekit, and my lantai mcm berkilat-kilat.

Model sambilan.
Emmmm was thinking kan bagus if Method ada baby products like wipes, body lotion, shower gell etc,
I would love to try it for my kiddos.

Lepas ni tak sabar nak start guna Method Laundry Detergent. tengok Mommy Nadia buat review aritu mcm best je.. Will try it very soon!:) And of course once our dish soap habis, we'll straight away will be using Method Dish Soa pulak untuk cuci pinggan mangkuk...

hmmmm, sapa lagi nak buat contest? and ada hadiah best2?let me know ya....

I love free gifts.

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