Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My angel from heaven, Nur Wafiatul Zarifa

If any of my readers remember, when I was in confinement for Imani, I did write an entry memohon semua pembaca tolong doakan anak saudara saya. This was the entry. From Imani's fav cousin, she has become Imani's sibling. I take her as my anak susuan. She is my little angel from heaven, send from Allah to all of us in this family supaya lebih menghargai kehadiran masing-masing. 

Nur Wafiatul Zarifa has turned 2 months old last 7 april. She has been very very strong. Well, Zarifa is diagnosed with Edward Syndrome. U can simply google it, and u will know what does it means. It's rare yet my Zarifa is the chosen one. My brother and sis-in law are the chosen one untuk menjaga this special lovely baby. 

Today, I'm sharing little Zarifa picture with all of you. Please and please doakan yang terbaik buat Zarifa ye. She has been gaining some weight since the day she was born. Alhamdulillah. Yet, she's still very small and fragile. I purposely volunteer myself to my bro-in-law and sis-in-law to feed her. Well, Zarifa drinks her milk via tube, small tube connected straight to her little stomach. After the feeding session which took about 20-30minutes, I monitored her, to make sure she did not vomit any of the milk and she sleeps well after that. 

myself with my Zarifa. 

Suddenly, it appears to me that I would like to take Zarifa as my daughter, as anak susuan since her mama's milk supply is dropping down.. its very understandable why Zarifa's mama's milk drop down, cause Zarifa can't direct feeding. So pumping only cannot promise the milk production to last longer...We  (i mean myself, husband and sil and bil ) had talked and we agreed to provide the best we can for Zarifa. So, I gave her 60oz EBM and 20oz fresh milk that i pump over the weekend. Alhamdulillah, murah rezeki Zarifa dan Imani. I can feed Imani and at the same time pump some milk for Zarifa. Mama Zarifa did tell me she's afraid I will have an emotional bonding with Zarifa after giving her my milk, and it will be difficult for me as Zarifa's condition with Edward Syndome is very unpredictable... But I give my milk to Zarifa purposely to have this emotional bonding with this little angel. Dia ahli syurga, I'm helping to provide the best for seorang ahli syurga. Mudah-mudahan ini yang terbaik buat Zarifa, minum susu umi athi, dan membesar dgn baik. 

Sayang Zarifa sgt2:)

By taking Zarifa as my anak susuan, I am now having tiga orang anak susuan. All of them are my nephews and niece.. Tak kemana susu tu, dalam keluarga jugak. First one, Amzar. read kisah Amzar di link provided tu. Then second one Fayyadh.Here's the story why Fayyadh akhirnya jadi anak susuan saya.btw Fayyadh ni minum susu Ilyaas, dan sekarang dia minum jugak susu Imani..Hahha, sebab aritu balik ganu, saya pump n frozenkan, pastu malas nak bawa balik perak, jadi alang2 fayyadh ada, bagi fayyadh la minum ebm2 tu..Alhamdulillah rezeki dia la tu... 
and the third one is Nur Wafiatul Zarifa. Budak comel ni hidung mancung ni...:)

*I'm praying Zarifa will be well, and don't feel much pain from her speciality*
*umi athi loves u Zarifa, and also umi athi loves my other anak susuan too! and of course my own kids, Ilyaas and Imani*

* This is another story of our family,do read it in my sis-in-law blog. Rumors stay as rumors. But perjuangan ayah sentiasa diteruskan untuk melihat anak bangsa terutamanya yang muslim, yang melayu sentiasa berjaya.. Kami semua doa yg terbaik buat ayah*

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