Saturday, April 6, 2013

Workstation for my research

I just received a brand new Dell T7600 Workstation. Very awesome.
Baru siap assemble and configure setup this evening.
kiddos at umi's studyplace
My husband helps me from A-Z till I get this awesome super cool workstation that I bet every single student in UTP who is doing research will envy me!

We have been waiting for this workstation to arrive for exactly one year. Now that I am left with 1 year to finish my Msc, only then this gadget arrive. InsyaAllah I will make my journey to get a master degree easier.

I dah promise to myself, this super cool awesome workstation is not for me to update my blog! Hahaha. reminder to myself. Cause I really need to use it wisely. It's not easy to get it. And many more unlucky students are waiting to use this workstation, so I have to use wisely.

Sebenarnya I have come to a stage where I don't have much idea what to write in this blog. Probably coz I am more occupied with my research, sampai tido pon mimpi meeting dengan supervisor, and discuss abstract...dulu tak percaya orang cakap u eat ur research, u sleep with ur research...!

 But I try not to make a long gap in between entries. Coz somehow I feel very much attach to this blog. I started long time ago, during undergraduate years. It keeps many stories of myself from a single student living overseas, to working life, married life, entering motherhood with Ilyaas, then starting my postgraduate study, getting pregnant unexpectedly with Imani, delivering her and till today.

ok till then. Imani is asking for her milk. off now..

Selamat malam ~


  1. wah..lps ni lbh bersemangat utk tulis tesis!

  2. Serius buat research mmgbanyak pk buat research master,serius perlukan kesabaran!!huhuhu

    1. memang pon...
      ikut kan hati rasa nak nangis kadang2..mcm2 gak pikir org yg lagi susah, baru ada smngt..
      yun dah habis ke?


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