Monday, April 16, 2012

Home-schooling 2: Ilyaas and his new charts

Last weekend,we decided to visit a book store in Seri Iskandar. Well, it's nothing like Popular or MPH here, but small local book store is enough to satisfy what we are looking. We were looking for Alphabet and ALIF BA TA Charts for Ilyaas.Btw, Ilyaas really loves book! Alhamdulillah. He will literally flip all the pages in his books and started to point on some pictures he looks familiar like apple and car. Enough say, let's enjoy his pictures with his new charts.

Having some serious lesson with Ayah
Seems to distracted already
Oh! I want to touch the charts! why is it so high?
It's ok. I give up. Let's go to kitchen and disturb umi
It's so slow to cycle. I rather walk now.

But I'm a beginner. So I still fall. 

Our aim by putting this charts on the wall is to  give familiarization of roman alphabet and jawi to Ilyaas plus it's also a self- reminder since sometime I do forget how to pronounce jawi words too. InsyaAllah once he is a bit mature, we will do intensive learning on this. 


  1. brilliant ilyas!!!

    dear, kalau tak keberatan jom join GA by my SIL. Support dia tampung kos rawatan n perubatan. Beliau pesakit lymphoma cancer. i tagged u tau..

    TQSM ^____^

  2. Thanks Kemn. Yup dah join dah =)


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