Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chicken,Pumpkin and Egg Tofu Soup for Ilyaas

Since Ilyaas has started real solid rice and no more porridge style, I tried my best to find difference ideas on what to cook for him everyday. I cook for him on daily basis now.  I would like to share this simple recipe (I always cook simple recipe only coz I am a lazy person:P ) with all mother outside there. Let's see what's the ingredients:-

1. Rice of course. Just cook in rice cooker
2. Egg Tofu
3. Chicken breast (cut into dice)
4. Pumpkin (cut into dice)
5. Broccoli (only take the flower)
6. A bit of soy sauce
7. One tablespoon of Unsalted Butter (I used GOLD Planta)
8. Blend Onions and Garlics
9. Water

Cooking Steps:-

1. Pre-heat your pot 
2. Put one tablespoon of unsalted butter and fry the onions and garlics
3. Put in the chicken and add water.
4. Let it boil.
5. Then, add the pumpkin and continue boiling until both chicken and pumpkin are soft.
6. Add the egg tofu and broccoli flower. 
7. Add soy sauce to make it taste a bit more salty and creamier.
Add water along the way if needed.

Then, it is ready to go. Ilyaas eat them a lot!

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