Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our Current activities

I was about to start study. Well, things are not going too well here, I mean my research. Because politics happened everywhere but I don't want to elaborate more here, sebab this blog is not mean to record my research journey. Maybe I will write it in details in my other half blog, Baby Steps to My Dreams bila I have the guts to do it la. Not now. Maybe nanti-nanti kot? Hmm, ayat dah tunggang terbalik dah ni, padahal janji dgn diri sendiri nak tulis blog all in english je, tp when it comes to time like this, rasa nak tulis camni pulak...layankan aje la..

Ok, what I/we have been up to lately?

1. Red Velvet Cake

I am falling in love with Kak Nanie's home made red velvet cake. Very soft, crunchy because she put crush walnuts in her cake and also creammmmmy! In fact, I am writing this while eating her RV cake. I first tried it last week, sebab dah mengidam sgt, so husband belanja 4 biji rv cupcake. pastu, bila tau Kak Nanie bukak booth kat UTP, cepat2 booked nak sebijik. Lepas tu makan sorang-sorang. Tipu, makan berdua dgn Ilyaas sebab Ilyaas pun rupanya penggemar cheese jugak mcm umi dia yg comel ni.

2. My Hafiy Blogshop

We decided to set up a facebook page for MyHafiy Blogshop. Just to try our luck. Alhamdulillah, dalam tempoh seminggu, boleh dikatakan nampak hasil yang memberansangkan. Syukur sgt. So, kitaorg pun happy sebab ada la rezeki serba sedikit. Currently, kitaorg plan nak jual Diaper Clutch yg dibuat dgn menggunakan Designer Fabric. So, kalau sapa-sapa berminat, boleh la tolong jawab kan survey di Facebook Page kami. Kalau rajin, tolong like sekali, tanda support pada kami yang baru berjinak-jinak dalam bisnes ni. Terima Kasih =)

3. Books and Papers and Journals

Since I enrolled as research student for master (which I later found out is not easy, and started to have second thought of doing coursework), I read a lot during the day. I enjoy reading topics I like such as carbonates, oil and gas recovery, reef. I also attend class together with undergrad students as my supervisor is giving the lecture to them. I also guide undergrad students during the carbonate lab session and has been supervised them during a field trip in Kinta Valley. I promise to write an entry about the field trip but it remains in draft until today.

4. Ilyaas is walking smoothly 
This totally consume much of my time, enjoying every single bit looking at my son walking bravely. Alhamdulillah. He officially can walk without any help and walk for a long distance.
Since he starts to walk, he abandoned his tricycle. I'm glad I did made a special entry dedicating his interest on the tricycle before.

5. Trying my best to be a good wife, umi and student

Well, referring to cartoon on the left, Yes, I am still fully breastfeed Ilyaas, No, I don't have dog or cat, Yes and No, I do iron the baju sometime.
Ok, I have been looking for some inspirational websites or blogs telling tips on how to manage studying and being a wife and a mother. So, I found a good one from a person I know, Kak Azza. She wrote her experience and share few tips in her blog. Thank You Kak Azza.
Top of all from her tips and experience, I realized one thing, discipline is the most important  attitude you must have in order for you to achieve all the three responsibilities well.

That will be all for now. Btw, we will be on a long holiday starting tomorrow. Not holiday, husband and I have course to attend in KL, after that we will be heading back to Terengganu. Till then, take care everybody who reads this.

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