Friday, April 20, 2012

Star shape pasta for my Ilyaas Hafiy

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Yesterday, we had a day off from uni because Perak is celebrating their Sultan's birthday. I'm not sure how old is Perak Sultan now. It is just a nice timing because Ilyaas is down with fever, effect from his MMR injection last week. So, I decided to cook something different for his lunch yesterday. I tried cooking Baby Pasta Star Shape with Tomato and Chicken Soup. I was a bit reluctant in the beginning because I'm afraid he will refuse the taste of tomato soup. But, I was wrong! My little Ilyaas Hafiy likes it. Let's have a look on what I used to cook this Star Shape Pasta with Tomato & Chicken Soup.

1. Heinz Baby Pasta  (Suitable for 7months and above) 

2. Dice Tomatoes
3. Dice Chicken Breast
4. Dice Sweet Peas
I also add baby potato and I used Heinz Tomato Puree as the base for the soup.

This is how the soup looks like when it is ready to serve
Ready to eat by Ilyaas Hafiy

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