Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pneumcoccal Injection


I bring Ilyaas Hafiy to Dr Wong Children Specialist at Jalan Ipoh for his first pneumococcal injection.
Pneumococcal Injection is mainly to help protect young children from pneumococcal infections caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria. This bateria can cause disease like :-

  1. Pneumonia (lung infection)
  2. Meningtis (inflammation of the membranes (called meninges) that surround the brain and spinal cord.)
  3. Serious ear infection
In US and UK, this injection is given FOC by the government. But in Malaysia, its still not in the list of must-have-injections. this is understandable since the cost for this injection is high. so like it or not, we as the parents kena buat saving to make sure our child get this injection. It's for their own healthiness. Kita mencuba yang terbaik, Allah yang menentukan segalanya. Precaution is better than cure.

As usual, there are few side effects of this injection,such as severe fever. Apart from that, it might leads to dizziness, diarrhea, lost of apettite and nausea. I think Ilyaas is having severe fever and bit of diarrhea. Can refer to this article for further clarification.

And this is the pumpkin of my heart sleeping in my arms after the pneumococcal jap. (Sempat lagi kitaorng pegi shopping dekt Jusco Setiawangsa after the jab :P and Ilyaas was behaving well)


  1. Sys, Injection nie mg tak provide by gov kan? kene pegi amik sendirilah yer? berapa bulan kena pegi amik injection nie?


    ps: i macam nak beli voice activated lil bean yg u beli tue. any suggestion where to buy yg murah? u beli 30rm kan? i tgok semua blog jual 45rm n above :D hehe

  2. hi sis:) selamat tak berpuasa ye:P
    ganti sebulan eh kali ni ke sempat habis pantang?

    haah,pneumococcal jab ni gov xsupply lagi sbb agak mmg kena amik dkt private.i amik dkt dr wong child specialist dkt jalan ipoh.klinik biasa i selesa ke sini.
    price dia rm220 (cover infection from 10bacterias) or rm300 (cover infection from 13bacterias),kita boleh pilih nak jab yg rm220 or rm300.

    kalau ikut schedule injection, 1st pneumococcal start since 2nd i xamik on the 2nd month sbb amik injection dkt KK jugak, kesian Ilyaas kalau nak dicucuk byk2 kali in a i start amik on the 4th month.injection ni selang 2 bulan i xberapa ingt berapa kali kena amik b4 baby umur 2tahun.

    little bean crib light and sound tu, i beli dkt sogo rm24.90 je sis. tu la i pelik, i tgk blog yg jual 2nd hand pun still rm35...mahal ke bedil..terkejut ms jumpa kat sogo tu murah pulak..

  3. huhu. selamat berpuasa. i sempat kot puasa tengah2 bulan nanti insyallah. kalau sebulan, matilah i nak mengganti ;p

    ohh, ok, kalau camtu i amik kat sane jelah.

    ohh kat sogo ek? nantilah i sempat ke sana i tgok. sb i tgok online mmg sume 40++

    thanks yeah!


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