Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another one week

It's Saturday morning again. Bless that I don't have to get myself ready for work. And my little son don't have to wake up too early to be send to babysitter's.

Yesterday, I took the exit interview with HR representative from APAC office in Singapore. Means it will be another one week for me before my last day working as a geophysicist. Again, I still think its really a big decision I've made in my life. I really can't imagine what's life lays for me after this. Being a full-time student in research, and being a mother. Anybody got this experience? Please share it with me...I don't know what to expect. 

Planning to send Ilyaas to nursery instead of looking for new babysitter in Tronoh. I have found one potential nursery. This mid-afternoon, I am going to meet the teacher and owner of the nursery to discuss few things on registration and what knots. I think it is already time for Ilyaas to start socializing with other kids and get some skills at school. 

Hope things going the way as we plan. But I always know Allah yang menentukan segalanya. Semoga semuanya diberkati Allah.dan dipermudahkanNYA.


till we meet again. I'm off to Tronoh.


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  1. ada kot..pz dok baca blog ni x salah dia full time student master ngan mother gak...leh dropping by kat ctu...share2 apa patut..hehe pz part time je student...x sama kot pengalaman tu...


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