Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sayonara CGGVeritas

13.04.2009  : My first day working in CGGVeritas
13.04.2009  : I first time saw my husband. Boy who sits few meters from me in the office. Very quiet person.
01.08.2009  : Fly to Singapore for Georise
06.08.2009  : Fly to West Virginia via Munich and Washington Dallas
28.8.2009  : Back to Singapore
26.12.2009 : Rombongan merisik from husband. One month after came back from Singapore
25.02.2010 : Engagement 
11.06.2010  : Marriage
25.03.2011  : Ilyaas was born
22.02.2012  : My last day in CGGVeritas

All the above are the important and unforgettable dates happened to me while I was employed by CGGVeritas. I meet my husband here.  So, today is my last day after nearly 3 years working here. 

Alhamdulillah, banyak pahit dan manis sebagai kenangan dan bekalan buat masa depan.
Banyak yang dipelajari sama ada dari segi geophysicnya mahupun pasal kehidupan.
Terima kasih CGGV for sending me to US for training.  
Terima kasih CGGV sebab covered my delivery charge. Kalau takde insuran company, habis saving kat bersalin je. sbb masuk both labour and operation room.

From KLCC to MBI, I owe this company a lot. Bukanlah hutang duit ringgit mahupun project tak habis, but some how rasa attach to this company. Ye lah, tempat jatuh lagi dikenang, ini pulak tempat pertama kita bekerja, tempat jatuh cinta dgn suami sendiri kan...

Untuk pendekkan cerita dan tak mahu tulis panjang2 nnt rasa sedih sebab terpaksa tinggalkan kawan-kawan yang best dan supportive di CGGV ni, I better end with pictures. They made me felt so touched by a surprise farewell party. Thank You korang!!! Surely will be missed.

Julia and me at front desk

the girls

the girls again with aida in

mr lee n loady in

munirah and fariza

nora ..nice knowing u.

amiratul, my junior in school now junior at office.
abaikan kegemukan saya nmpk mcm sy tak pregnant 

aida and tini.nice knowing  guys.

kak nurul

kak sulastri

speech time, xpasal2 kena sebak2 bagi last words.syahdu sebentar 

*This is for memory of my last day working in CGGV*

Keep in touch all 

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