Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Easy Healthy Homemade Pizza

I am not sure what is happening to myself now. I am always mengidam to eat everything. Right after I woke up in the morning, I will start thinking what to eat for the whole day. Even before I goes to sleep, I will imagining strawberry biscuits. I found it weird some how. I am not pregnant but I am acting like one. Probably my hormon is changing. Can I blame breastfeeding instead?  So, since before lunch hour today, I google on recipes to make pizza. I even texted my mum asking about pizza dough. I found it complicated and need some time to prepare the dough. Plus, I don't have yeast at home.

I remembered reading once in this blog that making pizza is a piece of cake,  so I decided to alter a bit and make my own easy healthy homemade pizza. Well, it's easy because I do not make the dough. I just used wholemeal bread! Well, we can also use pita bread too.

first of all, I put a bit of butter in the middle part of the bread.
Then, I spread Prego traditional spaghetti sauce on top of the bread.
Leave it aside. 

This would be my toppings for this time:
Chicken sausages, spinach, tomato, button mushroom, onions and of course Mozarella Cheese
Spread the toppings equally onto the bread and bake it in the oven for 10-15 minutes.
My mistake here was putting the cheese early. So the cheese become a bit hard in the end.
Thus, at 10 minutes,  I take it out and add some more cheese on top.
I also sprinkled some black pepper and chilli powder. And baked for another 5 minutes.
This is the end product. It tastes so yummy and I don't feel guilty eating it .
I know the ingredients are fresh and  nutritious. 

I even had to hide it from my son since he keeps asking for it after I gave him a bite for a taste. My husband also likes it, but no he is not taking this for dinner . He is not into western food at all, so I still make him meggi goreng with oyster chicken and mushroom for his dinner. He request for meggi, not that I am lazy to cook for him. Hehehe.

By the way, we can also sesuka hati tukar the toppings with tuna, crab sticks, salami or anything you like. And can use broccoli instead of spinach. Whatever you like as long as it is healthy. Enjoy trying!
Very quick, easy and healthy.

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