Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Parkland Apartment, Cameron Highland

Ingat tak entry Ilyaas gi jalan-jalan ke Cameron Highland, bulan 10 tahun 2011 yang lepas?
Lama dah tu percutian tu. Sekarang baru rasa nak buat review pasal apartment yang kitaorg menginap masa percutian tu.

We stayed in Parkland Apartment, Brinchang. A nice, conducive and strategic location apartment!
Plus value for money.

I booked the hotel from internet via booking.com
 So, got cheaper price compare to phone booking or walk-in booking.

The room was big enough to fit my whole family including parents and brothers.
It was a fully equipped apartment with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, one living room and a kitchen. 
let's have a look on the apartment and surrounding.

The Surrounding
brinchang town.view from balcony

backyard garden. view from our kitchen door
view from balcony.parking lot

 The Apartment

first bedroom: 2 double beds + bathroom
second and third bedroom: 2 single beds + toilet for each room


living room (got astro)

the apartment morning view
If you ask my recommendation where to stay in cameron, I will always suggest this apartment (if you are going with a big family). Only 5 minutes to Brinchang Town and easily accessible to anywhere in Cameron Highland.


  1. wow, bestnye... tak sabar jugak nak pegi sane.. dah lama da tak pegi ..

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  2. thanks for dropping. i just went this afternoon


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