Friday, February 3, 2012

Ilyaas had roseola

I capture this picture when he was breastfeed, last night. Kesian kan tengok =( sedih and sayu hati ni tengok muka and badan anak penuh ruam-ruam merah ni. Rupanya, Ilyaas kena demam campak kecil or known as roseola in english.

Referring to baby center, roseola ni terjadi dari jangkitan virus yang menyebabkan simptom-simptom berikut:-

1. Deman panas sehingga suhu 39.5 degrees celcius (3-7 hari)
2. Kemerahan pada mata
3. Gatal-gatal kulit
4.Hidung berhingus 
5. Sakit tekak
6. Cirit
7. Hilang selera makan

Ilyaas faced all the above except symptoms 2 & 4. 

Demam panas yang Ilyaas alami berlanjutan dalam 3-4 hari. Tapi, bila suhu turun dan badan sedikit kebah, Ilyaas akan aktif balik seperti biasa. He refuses to take any solid, probably due to sore throat. All he wants is my milk. I tried giving him biscuits with milk, still he refuses it. His temperature went up and down at interval 4-5 hours after taking his medicine. I was worried and took EL last Monday. Initially, ingatkan Ilyaas demam biasa je. until Wednesday evening, the red rashes started to show up. By the time he got the rashes, his temperature already back to normal and he started eating again, bit by bit. I was happy though he's recovering until I saw the red spots on his neck and back.

The red spots continues to come out occupying his cute face, head, whole body, and also hands. So, from that moment I know its roseala. From my reading, rashes ni tak gatal (but Ilyaas will show some itchiness symptom once a while when we shut off the air -conditioned). It will appears after high fever and will last within hours to 2-7days. It started from neck and body, going to face and head before finishing at toe. I am now patiently waiting for the rashes to come down to his toe. My mil said, we can put calamine lotion if he is itching.

Apart from that, Ilyaas also show sign of swollen lymph nodes at the back of his head on his 2nd day of fever. I noticed the lymph and decided to monitor it until I know it's one of the sign of having roseala. 

When Ilyaas was having the high fever, I tried using traditional ways too, apart from taking medicine from paed. Here are few things that I tried to lower down his temperature:-

1. Mandi air daun bunga raya putih. I got this petua from my mum. and eventually one block from my house, ada pakcik tanam pokok bunga raya putih. so mintak sedikit from him. What I do is, ramas-ramas kan daun bunga raya putih and rendam dalam air suam. Lapkan kepala Ilyaas bila rasa suhu panas.  Do it frequently even time Ilyaas tgh tidur. Alhamdulillah it helps to temp down. Selain ,lapkan kepala, I also campur ramasan daun bunga raya putih dalam air mandian Ilyaas.

2. Selain air daun bunga raya putih, boleh juga guna air asam jawa. Saya cuba juga on his 2nd day of fever. Works but not as good as air daun bunga raya putih. Got this petua from Kemn.

Well, I just want to jot down this so that I won't be panic again if it happens to my other child (in the future). and also to share with all first time mummies in case you guys belum experience this. Btw, once your child get roseola, he will have lifelong immunity on it.

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