Saturday, February 11, 2012

Things I love presently and previously

At the age of 25, with a son around, I find myself falling in love with few things. Some of them continuing from the past years when I was still single, but some of them are new hobby created after marriage/after delivering Ilyaas. To cut it short, here are some of the things I love doing for now....

Let's look into the new developing interest first

1. Reading Baby and Parenting Website.
2. Browsing home decoration websites
3. Cooking and trying new recipes
4. Baking
5. Reading scientific articles on geological/geophysical subjects

Those that been growing since the past years are

1. Blogging
2. Online Shopping
3. Reading story books
4. On the phone with mum

Things that have been faded away

1. SMS/MMS with husband. Need to improve on this one. read somewhere it can helps to improve your marriage relationship.
2. Lepaking with friends from university and college
3. Outing during weekend

hmm, pretty typical right?
Never mind, nothing wrong being typical kan, as long as I am happy with it and it does not interrupt my life, I think they all are good n beneficial at some point.

Till then, I'm off to cook fried pasta...Btw, macam mana new look ni? Okay tak?

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