Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Types of Baby Carriers

It has been some time since I last wrote about baby wearing/ baby carrier.
My last entry pasal babywearing was on May 7, 2012. I was carrying Ilyaas without realizing I am 3 weeks pregnant:P

I still keep my Merak Buckle Tie by NeezaNeedles in a safe, tidy place. Intended to use it again for my second born.

Somehow, I am also interested to try other carrier available on the market. So,  I started googling what's type of carriers we have nowadays.

1. Wrap-around Slings
-using simple strip of cloth
-little learning is required on how to wrap the cloth around your body and make it comfortable for both mummy and baby
-the cloth can be short --> purposely for one shoulder wrap-around
-the cloth can be longer --> purposely for two shoulders wrap-around (this provide better support)
- can be chosen from selected range of fabrics.

2. Ring Slings
-basically, its a shawl attach with a ring that replace knotting of the cloth
-this is a modern version of Indonesian Selendang type carrier (gaya orang dulu-dulu ikat dgn kain batik/sarong)
-ideal for newborn
-sometime, it offers paddings at the shoulder so that the mother/father will feel more comfy when carrying their baby

3. Pouch Slings
-a piece/tube of fabric.
-sometime two types of fabrics are used, usually cotton/lycra/linen
- lack of adjustability
-take up less space in your bag
-suitable for newborn up to 6m

4. Mei Tai

 - modern version of Chinese style carrier.
-with ties at the waist and at your back
- suitable for both parents to use, no need to adjust any buckles etc
- can fit newborn till toddler

5. Soft Structured Carriers (SSC)

- what i have now
-with buckles and strap to adjust with your body panel
- suitable and easy to use
-comes from range of fabric
-ergonomic version of standard modern carrier
-not suitable for newborn. can start once the baby can stabilize his head, probably at 3 months
-suitable until toddler

 Here is a chart from that will help us in finding which carrier type is suitable for our needs.

 Hope this helps all of us in finding the correct baby carrier for ourselves, our baby and also our partner, because you won't be carrying the baby all by yourself! Sharing it with your partner is a must=)

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  1. Dear..i dah go tru semua entry u sal babywearing....nanti nak dtg balik baca entry yg pnjg sekali lalu dah baca semua..semangat!..haha..sblm ni i x perasan pun u ada tls sal babywearing ni..seb bek u bgtau...

    Dan seb bek tnampal mmber blogger guna carrier yg cool..kalo x sampai sudah i akan ingat carrier semua kaler plain,semua xbest..hehe...

    Thanx for sharing ya!


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