Monday, December 31, 2012

Wrap-up Year 2012

Major life changing event(s) in my 2012 : Stop working. Start my Master. Pregnant with second one. Stop breastfeed Ilyaas. Been loving my husband more than before, Alhamdulillah.

2012, another year to be memorized.
Welcoming 2013, another year to fly, a new year to welcome.
Just listing down what's happened in my 2012.
Another year end entry is in Penghujung 2012, Permulaan 2013

January 2012
- Working like a horse for Broadseis Project in CGGVeritas.
-13 Jan: Received Offer Letter to become Msc Student in UTP. Together with husband
-25 Jan: Registered in UTP
- Ilyaas first swimming experience

February 2012
- 17 February : Attend exit interview with HR CGGVeritas from Singapore. interviewed via phone
- Started Myhafiy Blogshop. Just for fun.
-22 February : Last day in CGGVeritas. You are dearly missed.
- 25 February : Move to Tronoh

March 2012
- 8 March : Ilyaas first step(s)
- 15th March:  Yaya's mother passed away .
- 20 March : Ilyaas had febrile fits =(. Admitted to Hospital Batu Gajah
- Second Volume Diaper Clutch for MyHafiy Blogshop
- 25 March : Ilyaas is ONE
- 26 March : Simple Birthday Celebration at Nursery

April 2012
- Without realizing, I've wrote several entries on my sweet cravings on this month. Petanda rupanya nak pregnant lagi. Can read here and here and here.
- 17 April: first day of LMP
- 23-27 April : PGCE 2012
-28-30 April : Balik Terengganu

May 2012
-Trying so hard to cope with breastfeeding. Susu drop dengan mendadak. Not knowing I am pregnant again at this time.
- Second week of May, positive UPT Test. Alhamdulillah for this second gift.
- 12 May: Husband and Ilyaas celebrated me for my first year as a mother
- Started Cloth Diaper on Ilyaas

June 2012
- 9 June: Anniversary Gateaway in Pangkor
- 11 June: We are two years old.
-19 June: Ilyaas fully stop breastfeeding
-23 June: Wedding Hakim and Yaya
- 26 June: First check-up pregnancy
- 3rd batch diaper clutch for MyHafiy Blogshop

July 2012
- 4 July : Research Proposal Defence. Alhamdulillah. Did it well.
- 3rd month pregnant, 3rd month of cloth diapering Ilyaas
- 31 July : Felt first move of baby
-A day before Ramadhan: Ayah Cik passed away
- Haiza passed away a week after we visit him

August 2012
- 6 August : partially received research data
- Ramadhan and Aidilfitri

September 2012
-5-6 months pregnant,
- Ilyaas 18 months old
- started surveying baby items

October 2012
- 7 months pregnant
-started surveying for baby items etc
- made photobook for Ilyaas.
- 16 October : received Kad Diskaun Siswa
- 21 October: Trip to Cameron Highland with Family in law
-Eid Adha

November 2012
- Ilyaas had lactose intolerant for first time
-Done MGT Test for this second pregnancy. My first experience.
- 3D Scan at KPJ Penang
- Ilyaas had new bicycle
- My story accepted for Project Listen prudential
- Almost 8 months pregnant

December 2012
- 4th Batch Diaper Clutch
- Durian Crepe Season
-BBW Sale
-getting ready for hospital bag
-28-29 Dec: Cameron Lagi
-29 Dec: Hubby is 27


  1. happy new year..a good year u have athi.. more years to come insyaAllah

  2. happy new year everybody:)
    IAllah more good years to come. mudah2 dipanjangkan umur


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