Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Novel Review: Secret Daughter by Shilpi Somaya Gowda

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

So, this book had taken most of my free time over the last week.  I did not remember where and when I buy this novel. It has been on the shelf for more than three years, I think.

I was totally in love with this book once I flip over the first page.
Though the author is not a famous one like Jody Piccoult etc, but she manages to bring me (at least) into the world she introduce in this novel.

This novel is about two families, that never know each other but share the same daughter.


Kavita and Jasu, lived in a village in North Mumbai. Jasu is a farmer (poor). Once his wife delivered their first born, which turn out to be a daughter, he killed her (literally) as he believed that daughter brings no good except for burdening their already poor family. Kavita never knew what happened to her first born.
Later on, Kavita got pregnant again and this time around, also a girl. She begged Jasu to give her at least one night with her daughter before he can take her away. Being a determined and full of love mother, Kavita went to Mumbai and left her daughter in orphanage, so that her daughter can has a life, at least even not with her. She named her Usha. Jasu only knew that his daughter died on the first night as she was too fragile to survive.

One year later, Kavita got pregnant with a boy and they celebrated her pregnancy and delivery. On the same year, her daughter, Usha was adopted by husband and wife who worked as a doctor in The States. They called her Asha. The husband , Dr Krishan is an Indian, while his wife Dr. Neal is true American.

Through out the years, Asha had becoming a true Indian girl, she loves journalism which in return her adoptive parents feel very disappointed as they wanted her to become a doctor, just like them.

Asha returns to India for the first time as she received awards to work in topics related to poverty and slums in India.. She then find her origin. Unfortunately, she did not manage to meet her biological parents who are now working as servant in Asha's adoptive grandparents house...

Well, it might seems complicated but I like this novel.

Finish it within 3 days or so.. Its kind of story that I love to read.

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